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January 2, 2023

And, Happy Holidays and New Year to you!

I’ve been going to write this post for several days and finally I’ve carved out enough time to do so. My apology for the delay in wishing you the best of holiday greetings! I love this story…

I’ve read a lot of heartfelt stories during this holiday season. They come to me by email from multiple sources. Many times they include a story that is somehow connected to at least one of the arts. Our senses are awakened and ignited by the arts so its no wonder that holiday stories often are founded in the arts. The following interesting story came through my Twitter feed. The first time I saw it I skimmed it quickly and when it came round again I focused in and read the details. Perhaps you read it as well.

Hannah Dale is a British artist who established Wrendale Designs in 2014. On her website you can find her art used on calendars, socks, journals, and mugs. She created a fun rendition of a deer that is part of a luxury Christmas card collection. Its so exclusive its not on the website. This is very interesting since now the world has seen it.

Painted by artist Hannah Dale

If you’re not familiar with the story…

The oldest child of Prince William and Princess Kate is 9 year old Prince George. He was inspired by Dale’s design and created his own rendition using water colors. It popped up on Dale’s twitter feed on Christmas Day. She was surprised and delighted.

I enjoyed reading Hannah Dale’s comments about the young artist. “He has inherited a “very promising family talent”, taking after his grandfather King Charles who is known to have a great love of painting.” I do wonder if he and George W. Bush have ever discussed painting? Of course when we hear the ‘natural talent’ comment it makes some of us cringe. I had to smile when I went on to read more of what she said. “Yes there is family talent for painting and art,” Hannah said. “I always say to people when they ask me, how do you get so good at painting? It is absolutely all about practice. That’s why it’s so nice to see. The more you do it the better you get. If you adopt a love of painting and art at that age, I do think it’s a wonderful thing whether it becomes a career or just an escape. It’s a fantastic ability for anybody and I would always encourage it in any child.”

Painted by 9 year old artist Prince George

We all know that one of the secrets to success in creating is providing excellent arts education programs taught by qualified arts educators for learners of all ages. I remember one time hearing retired music educator Paul Greenstone say “if we miss the developmental stages of learning music it might be impossible to catch up.” If this doesn’t point out why it is critical to have excellent arts education at all grade levels, PK-12, little does.

Hannah Dale went on to say: “He has a good eye for colour. I think that’s always tricky with watercolour but he’s got some good shading and tone in there. I think having a love of animals and love of nature is obviously something that’s maybe captured his attention. That inspires me very much. It’s a real privilege to inspire any child to want to draw or paint. It was a really lovely compliment.” Sounds like no better compliment for the young artist and likewise for the artist whose work inspired young Prince George.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if this experience could impact arts education world-wide? Perhaps at your local level – share this story with your colleagues, administration, community members, and your students. I look forward to learning more about Prince George’s art in the future.

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