Ella Burr School Dance Photos


  1. As the art teacher at the Ella P. Burr Elementary School I worked with the students throughout the residency on the backdrops for their final performance. I enjoyed watching the dances develop and the students themselves transform and gain confidence through movement. Students of all abilities were engaged and even the very quiet and introverted blossomed into beautiful plants and animals through dance. I feel the positive educational benefits to students far outweigh the scheduling adjustments and planning the classroom teachers gladly did to accommodate the residency. It was a wonderful experience for all involved.

  2. The backdrops were awesome. I noticed that when the students were discussing the performance space with Helena that they talked about what they did on the murals and how they would fit right in to the dance. All those connections make the learning so much more important. Thank you Holly for the work you did in organizing and paying close attention to the important details of the residency. The role of teachers like you are so very important and the residency’s success only happens because of support from you!

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