RSU 12 MDOE art exhibit

Teya Grade 5

Summer and Cameron Grade 1

Sara and Kristy Grade 7

Samuel Grade 3

Nolan Kindergarten

Jillian Grade 3

Kinli Grade 3

Kaitlyn Grade 4

Kaitlyn Grade 3

Felicia and Kayla Grade 7

Cody Kindergarten

Chase Grade 2

Catherine Grade 5

Cassidy Grade 6

Ashley Grade 5

Ashleigh Grade 1

Ashlee Grade 3


  1. I really love the Statue of Liberty drawing and the Matisse drawing by Jillian. Awesome work!

  2. Very impressive work. Shows evidence of pure joy, imagination, and concept in the making. Bravo to the students and their teacher.

  3. Thank you for your comment Therese!

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