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First and Ten Steel Drum Band

August 30, 2015

Check out the message of this video

On Saturday these men are on the Vanderbilt football field and on Sunday afternoon they are attending a steel drum class. The entire band is from the team and the name: The First and Ten Steel Drum Band. They recognize that it takes a lot of practice on the field and off!


Amazing Band Story

August 24, 2015

SciTech Band

Americans for the Arts included in their newsletter an article about a high school in Springfield, Massachusetts that established a band that is having a positive impact on the school. In fact the band didn’t exist 8 years ago and now their are 500 members in the band out of a student body of 1500. Just learning their names is a challenge. Many of the students are not graduating from high school and many of them have never had any musical experience before entering the class, 99% have never seen an instrument before. This is a really good example of how one teacher can make an enormous difference. You can read the article by CLICKING HERE. You can watch the video at this link


Students Sing to Their Teacher

August 16, 2015

Amazing and moving!

A cancer-stricken elementary school teacher received an emotional musical tribute of support from her students when the choir at her Staten Island school surprised her with an angelic rendition of Martina McBride’s “I’m Gonna Love You Through It.”

You’ll have to watch this video to understand how moving these children’s eyes and how much their voices and whole body express.


Music Changes the Learning Brain

August 2, 2015

Mind/Shift article

A July 2014 article written by George Hicks states that music changes the learning brain. Below is the beginning of the article. You can read the entire article by clicking here

Remember “Mozart Makes You Smarter”?

A 1993 study of college students showed them performing better on spatial reasoning tests after listening to a Mozart sonata. That led to claims that listening to Mozart temporarily increases IQs — and to a raft of products purporting to provide all sorts of benefits to the brain.

In 1998, Zell Miller, then the governor of Georgia, even proposed providing every newborn in his state with a CD of classical music.

But subsequent research has cast doubt on the claims.

Ani Patel, an associate professor of psychology at Tufts University and the author of “Music, Language, and the Brain,” says that while listening to music can be relaxing and contemplative, the idea that simply plugging in your iPod is going to make you more intelligent doesn’t quite hold up to scientific scrutiny.




Mnozil Brass

August 1, 2015

Lonely Boy


Traveling Europe

July 30, 2015

Proud Mom

This summer one of my sons is traveling in Europe – yes, he needed an adventure and he is certainly getting many. Periodically he sends an update to several friends and family members.  I just had to post this since he articulates the power of music while staying on an olive tree farm in Torri, Italy! You are getting the entire update because it helps with the context. Sometimes while traveling people understand the power of music! I am so happy that he could have this moment to really get the concept! In Nicholas’ own words…

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.45.31 AMIt hadn’t rained in Torri for the first two and a half weeks that I was here, I was beginning to have flashbacks of my summer in California where three months went by without a drop of rain. However earlier this week thunderstorms began to roll through the hills around us in the early evening, and then on Wednesday it came.

Early in the afternoon Alex asked me if I wanted to go for a ride to the market, not wanting to miss an opportunity to get out of the house and explore a bit more, I gave an emphatic “Yes!” Alex doesn’t speak a lot of English, and what is spoken is a bit broken. We communicate best with smiles and giggling. Since he spends most of his time in Roma, we hadn’t truly had time to connect and I could tell he was much more wary of the strangers in his house than Martin. I was anxious to see how this errand run would go. Silent? Talkative? Perhaps a game of charades would be in order.

As we were traveling down the steep hills, drops of water began to hit the windshield; it was here. Suddenly the skies opened up as if Zeus’ bathtub had overflowed. The kind of rain that heavily impairs visibility. As Alex’s driving slowed, ‘Rich Girl’ by Hall and Oates came on the radio. Almost instinctively I began to hum along while the rain kept the beat. Before I knew it, Alex and I had both broken out in song and the car shook as the volume went louder and louder. I began to seat dance and Alex was playing drums on the steering wheel. It was an intercultural, non-speaking jam sesh.

Lines in the sand had been erased and we were now friends.

Music, I learned, is an international language and it knows no boundaries. Music has been an integral part of my time in Torri. Floriano loves club remixes, Martin enjoys classical and opera, and Laurie the country tunes. There is always music playing somewhere, and if it isn’t, it will be shortly. It seems to be our common denominator.

“She’s a rich girl and she’s gone too far…” I hope it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

– Nick

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Current Location: Venezia, Italia

P.S. More photos on the blog!


Music that Moves Me

July 2, 2015


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.16.23 PMMaine Public Broadcasting Network has a show called Music that Moves Me and contains peoples stories about music in their lives. It also has archived stories that you can read on their websiste at Some of my favorite people have their stories recorded. Angus Kings is located at When you have a few minutes to cruise around the website I highly recommend it. It will be well worth whatever time you can spare.


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