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MAAI Winter Retreat

March 23, 2015

What a way to spend the last day in February!

Winter retreat Feb14On February 27 and 28 several of Maine Arts Assessment Initiative’s (MAAI) 61 Teacher Leaders came together in Rockland to learn and provide their feedback on phase 4 and, all things MAAI. It is always fun to see everyone and catch up on what is happening (in person) in their classrooms across the state.


Pam Kinsey, Theresa Cerceo, Judy Fricke

Friday evening was spent with Sarah Swain, Art Director, Westbrook Schools who provided a workshop on making videos that answered these two questions:

  • How can video be used as an effective communication tool?
  • How can I create videos with visual interest that engage and inform the viewer?

Participants gave high marks to the opportunity to learn! Thank you Sarah!


Jeff Beaudry, Jen Nash

On Saturday we met at the Gamble Center at the Farnsworth Art Museum to review Phase 4 of the MAAI and imagine what Phase 5 could look like. The ideas and innovative thinking were plentiful. Below are some of the topics that generated long lists of ideas.

  • Teacher Leaders
  • Proficiency-based education
  • Bridging the regional gaps with opportunities
  • Arts integration – professional learning communities
  • Teacher Effectiveness
  • Teaching Artists
  • Arts ambassadors
  • Advocacy

Stay tuned for more information in the future. MAAI continues to respond to the needs of visual and performing arts educators. We are committed to the work that PK-12 arts educators are doing and during Phase 4 we brought Teaching Artists into the opportunities as well. In the very near future we will announce a call for Phase 5 Teacher Leaders. If you are considering participating as a Teacher Leader please update your resume which is part of the application. Watch for the announcement coming out soon. If you have questions please contact me at


Maine Art Ed Assoc Spring Conference

March 19, 2015

Saturday, April 11, Brewer High School

Registration is open! Creativity is a Constant, Quality is Our Standard Spring Conference. Being held at Brewer HS on Saturday, April 11 and it is sizing up to be a very dynamic event. Professional development to meet your needs will be
delivered by colleagues that are committed to quality. Sessions include studios, best
practice, technology and forums. There is something for everyone.

Amy Cousins with Jennie Driscoll and Brian McPherson at an MAAI Mega-regional workshop

Amy Cousins with Jennie Driscoll and Brian McPherson at an MAAI Mega-regional workshop

Amy Cousins, Gorham Middle School art teacher and Maine Arts Assessment Initiative Teacher Leader will present the keynote entitled: “From Overwhelmed to In Control – Connecting the Dots of Assessment”

Participants may earn .6 CEUs for full conference participation.

Brewer HS has recently been renovated and the state-of-the-art facilities are a must-
see for you to consider.

Awards and recognitions event to be held later thatevening.

A gentle reminder that Susan Bryand (Bangor HS) and our Art in the Heart colleagues first instituted the “Adopt an Art Teacher” program to help with defraying expenses at statewide events and are looking forward to hosting again.

To register and see workshop details please click here


MAAI Mega Aroostook

March 16, 2015

Successful day in the County!


Judy Fricke presenting a music session

“VPA teachers were excited to participate in the whole group discussion regarding Proficiency Based Education. Throughout the day, any ideas, frustrations, successes and strategies were shared.  The over all feel is that arts teachers are leading the way and are indeed positive and ready to keep moving forward!”

Twenty-seven Arts educators came together in Easton, Maine for the Aroostook Mega-Regional Workshops, co-sponsored by Central Aroostook Council on Education (CACE) and the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI).  Everyone who attended agreed that the day was a success and came away grateful and excited for the opportunity to get together for meaningful content workshops and discussion.


Susan Beaulier presenting a visual art session

The day started with two Zoom presentations; one with MAAI Leadership Team member Rob Westerberg who shared the Maine Arts Assessment Resources website and one with MAAI Leadership Team member Barbara Vinal (from North Carolina) on Technology Tools.

Thanks to the cook staff at Easton school for providing fabulous home-made bread at the make our own sandwich spread featuring salad, cookies and other yummy things!

Planners Easton Music educator Pam Kinsey and Frenchville / St Agatha school district Visual Art educator extend their thanks to David Ouellette of the CACE Partnership for his support, organizational help and his presence!



Barb Packales zoomed in for the tech session



VPA Position – Maine DOE

March 6, 2015

Direct Hire Career Opportunity Bulletin

Department of Education

Regional Education Representative

Visual and Performing Arts Specialist

Code: 3032                  Pay Grade: 28 – $44,844.80 – $67,204.80


OPEN FOR RECRUITMENT: March 5, 2015 – March 20, 2015

This and other Current Vacancies for the State of Maine are published on the Bureau of Human Resources Career
Opportunities Web Page at

Current Direct Hire vacancies listed on this Career Opportunity can be viewed at: 


The Department of Education (DOE) has one (1) full-time position vacancy based in Augusta. Statewide travel is required.


The Maine Department of Education has one (1) full-time vacancy for a Visual and Performing Arts educator, based in Augusta with a regional superintendents assignment.



This is professional services work involving regional and statewide implementation of Maine’s education standards for visual and performing arts education K-12, school improvement efforts and related education initiatives. The position serves schools and school districts within an assigned region through customer service, brokering technical assistance and providing a communications link for the Maine DOE’s continuous improvement process. Primary responsibilities include developing ongoing interaction with school personnel and community representatives within an assigned superintendents region; serving as the Maine DOE representative and key contact for requests, information, and questions from within the region; providing or brokering professional development opportunities, technical assistance and other services to enhance teacher effectiveness and student and school performance; assisting districts with the implementation of the state education standards and associated assessments; promoting the Commissioner’s education initiatives within the region; and serving as the Commissioner’s representative and liaison in the region. The position also provides K-12 visual and performing arts education leadership and expertise to organizations and educators statewide in curriculum, instruction, and assessment through provision of professional development opportunities and technical assistance. The position may be assigned to lead other state and federal programs. Work is performed in collaboration with other members of the Maine DOE and is executed under limited supervision. Extensive use of technology, statewide/ national travel and field assignments are required.


REPRESENTATIVE TASKS (include but are not limited to):

  • Provide information and technical assistance; broker professional development; and collaboratively determine district needs and deliver requisite services.
  • Find and use research to develop and recommend policies and procedures.
  • Develop and support collaborative educational partnerships that support the implementation of Maine’s education standards, proficiency-based graduation requirements and systems thinking, and enhance student learning.
  • Serve as a key Maine DOE contact for the region and provide feedback from the region to the Maine DOE.
  • Promote the Commissioner’s and Governor’s initiatives within a region and statewide to enhance school improvement and related services, particularly as they relate to visual and performing arts education programs and grants.
  • Provide leadership and technical assistance regionally and statewide in visual and performing arts education standards, instruction and assessment.
  • Interpret state and federal laws, rules, regulations, and policies pertaining to visual and performing arts education in order to answer questions and ensure uniform understanding.
  • Maintain national contacts including membership in the national visual and performing arts leadership organization, stay current in research and exemplary practices and work in collaboration with state and national content organizations in visual and performing arts education improvement efforts.
  • Collaborate, as a member of a team with other Maine DOE staff to design and deliver supports for student learning.
  • Direct or coordinate other state, federal or national programs/initiatives for the state as requested.


REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES (required to successfully perform the work assigned):

  • Knowledge of current learning research and exemplary educational practice in general and in visual and performing arts education.
  • Knowledge of school improvement, proficiency-based education, systems-change concepts, student-centered practices, and tools to support learning especially in the area of visual and performing arts education.
  • Knowledge of current and emerging state and federal legislation, rules and regulations impacting education.
  • Knowledge of and experience with Maine’s education standards, the process of implementing standards and current and emerging trends for visual and performing arts including national standards development initiatives.
  • Knowledge of large scale and formative assessment development and administration in visual and performing arts education.
  • Ability to facilitate groups and use exemplary interpersonal skills; establish and maintain positive collaborative working relationships; effectively manage multiple projects and provide quality service.
  • Ability to integrate visual and performing arts with other Maine DOE teams including Career and Technical Education, Special Education, Assessment and Accountability, Adult Education, Certification and MLTI.
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing and use technology for work and learning.



To qualify, candidates must have a Bachelor of Arts/Science Degree in Education, Human Resource Development, Psychology, or a related field (visual and performing arts) and five (5) years of experience as an education practitioner. A Master’s Degree in an education-related field may be substituted for two (2) years of educational experience.

Knowledge of Maine’s education standards and experience with standards-based education reform is essential.

Preferred candidates will have will have a Bachelors of Arts/Science in the field of visual and performing arts, a Master’s degree and will have experience providing leadership, consultation and professional development in areas related to the position.


Requirements include specific certification and/or ability to obtain certification in visual and performing arts.



The value of State’s share of Employee’s Retirement is 16.17% of salary for BU. The value of State-paid Dental Insurance: $13.13 biweekly. The value* of State-paid Health Insurance:

Level 1: 100% State Contribution (employee pays nothing): $375.10 biweekly

Level 2: 95% State Contribution (employee pays 5%): $356.35 biweekly

Level 3: 90% State Contribution (employee pays 10%): $337.59 biweekly

Level 4: 85% State Contribution (employee pays 15%): $318.84 biweekly

*The level of the actual value of state paid Health Insurance will be based on the employee’s wage rate and status with regard to the health credit premium program.


MAAI Winter Retreat

March 5, 2015

MAAI Teacher Leaders taking the lead

MAAI Group Feb28bLast weekend the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative Teacher Leaders met in Rockland for a professional development opportunity and for phase 5 planning. This is a yearly event, that is not only productive – generating ideas to meet the needs of arts teachers, but it is also a great opportunity to meet with cherished colleagues.

On Friday night Sarah Swain provided a workshop that was called Advocacy Video Creation. The goal was to learn basic technical and design aspects of video-making. The essential questions were: How can video be used as an effective communication tool? and How can I create videos with the visual interest that engage and inform the viewer? Participants created videos on a variety of topics. Thank you Sarah for sharing your wisdom and expertise!

On Saturday the Teacher Leaders met all day at the Gamble Center at the Farnsworth Art Museum. We reflected on Phase 4, celebrated the many accomplishments of individuals, and were provided updates on the work underway. Among the parts to celebrate are how several Teacher Leaders are taking on leadership roles in their schools and/or districts across the state.

Participants were asked to self-reflect on their individual teacher needs on the following topics:  Proficiency-Based Education, Teacher Effectiveness, Students-centered learning, Creativity, Technology, Assessment, Advocacy, Arts Integration.  They each brought an artifact that is symbolic of their MAAI journey. (Where you were, where you are, and where you may be headed?)

This lead to the next part of the day sharing artifacts and noticing similarities among the Teacher Leaders. This helped in determining the goals for all regions of Maine. The goals were condensed for a carousel exercise that generated SOOOOOO MANY WONDERFUL ideas on how to address your needs.

The day ended with a quick feedback that generated a Wordle. This wordle was based on the following question: Write 1-2 words that describe your feelings about MAAI based on your experiences.Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 10.01.23 PM

And this Wordle was based on the following question: Write 1-2 words that describe your feelings about MAAI as you plan for future activities and professional development.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 10.03.10 PMWe are all looking forward to Phase 5 and we intend to celebrate and I can guarantee you that the many ideas have your best interest in mind to assist you in dealing with the teaching challenges of today.

In the near future I will post the “call for teacher leaders” for Phase 5 of the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative. I hope that you will consider taking on this role. Watch the blog for information.

Thank you to Mount Desert Island High School Art educator Charlie Johnson for creating this video showing the highlights of the MAAI Winter Retreat.



Visual Arts PD Opp

February 21, 2015

Professional development opportunity for visual art educators 

An invitation from Catherine Ring, Ex. Director, New England Institute for Teacher Education

I’d like to personally let you know of a special opportunity coming up right in Augusta, starting MARCH 14 — a 3 credit course on Visual Art Assessment, K-12.  The course will meet for two weekend sessions, March 14 and May 9.

You might wonder, how can I add this to my already full plate?  Is Assessment really necessary, or even possible, in an art room when I see so many students?  It really doesn’t matter where you are on the Assessment bandwagon — both experienced and teachers new to assessment in visual art classrooms have taken this course. There’s always more to learn, and this course gives you the time to talk and learn and try things out — imagine that!

You’ll be surprised at how much art teachers learn from each other – and that’s just what we do! We share resources that arts educators have created or discovered through the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative, ask hard questions, problem-solve, try some things out in our classrooms, and figure out what we CAN do in our very busy schedules to help improve teaching, learning and assessment.  The course meets for two weekends only – Friday night (4-8pm) and Saturday (8-4pm) with weekly contact with the instructor, in between.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 4.33.54 PMWe’re especially delighted to announce that Lisa Ingraham will be teaching the course for the New England Institute this spring. Lisa has taught Visual Art for ten years and has been a Teacher Leader in the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative since 2013.  She has a BA in Graphic Design and Illustration from Western Connecticut State University and a MS in Education from Thomas College. Lisa has collaborated with other visual and performing arts teachers from around the state of Maine in reflecting on assessment and designing professional development presentations for regional workshops. Lisa is currently the Secretary and Advocacy Co-chair for the Maine Art Education Association, and is working toward her endorsement in Gifted and Talented Education.

So come join us and find out what’s happening in Maine with assessment in visual art, and with meeting proficiency in the art room. You will be excited to know that arts educators are leading the way and other educators are following suit.  Here are the details:

EDPO 536: Refining Assessment in the Visual Art Classroom, K-12

Augusta, Maine (Viles Arboretum)

Session 1:  Saturday (8-4pm), March 14

Session 2:  Saturday (8-4pm) May 9

This course meets for both sessions

You can choose to take this as a graduate course through our partnership with Endicott College, or for recertification credits for 4.5 CEUs. We can bill your school directly with a purchase order, or are happy to make payment arrangements.

To register, please visit the New England Institute website at If you have any questions at all, pick up the phone and call me any time, or email me.

Thank you! We hope to hear from you!

Catherine Ring

Executive Director

New England Institute for Teacher Education

PO Box 460

Stonington, Maine 04681




Haystack in the Summer

February 20, 2015

Two week scholarship available

The Quimby Family Foundation Fellowship for Haystack 2015

Application Deadline: Friday, March 6th

Submit your application directly to: Heidi O’Donnell  –
The Quimby Family Foundation Fellowship, a great opportunity for summer professional development. This fellowship is for an active MAEA Maine art educator to spend two weeks participating in a Haystack summer workshop.
photo_spreadThe Quimby Family Foundation has awarded Haystack a grant of $35,000 to endow a fellowship for an active MAEA Maine art teacher. Haystack has had a long relationship with Maine art teachers — the Maine Art Education Association held one of its first annual fall conferences at Haystack in 1968 — and many art teachers have studied at the school during summer sessions. Haystack has received grant support in the past from both the Surdna Foundation and the Maine Arts Commission to award fellowships.

The time spent here is important to art educators both for their teaching and art-making. Bronwyn Sale, a former art teacher from Portland, wrote this when she received a similar fellowship a few year’s ago, “As an art teacher, I believe that the best ‘staff development’ is to be among fellow working artists and to practice my own art. Attending Haystack gave me the space and environment to do so. In addition to the personal artistic growth that occurred during my workshop, as a teacher the experience was invaluable. I was able to assume the role of student again in a workshop taught by an artist who is also a master teacher…. I gained a whole new perspective on teaching and was exposed to ideas and assignments that I can now share with my students…” This new fellowship will create a permanent fellowship for an active MAEA Maine teacher to attend a two-week session.
To Apply:

Go to the Haystack website for all information about sessions and workshops. Note: This scholarship is for a dorm room. If you would like more expensive accommodations, you would be required to pay the difference.

Download and print the application form and fill it out completely. Email your completed application directly to the president with your answers to the following two questions:

1.Why would attending a summer session at Haystack be important to your teaching and how would you benefit from the opportunity?

2.How have you advocated for Art Education locally in your district and/or how have you volunteered to assist Maine Art Education Association?

If selected as the scholarship recipient, you would be responsible for writing a reflection, including photographs, of your fellowship experience for our newsletter and website.


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