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500 Years of Woman in Art

August 21, 2015

Very cool


Wordless News

August 17, 2015

Fascinating site

I am guessing that some of you have started to consider your lessons for the start-up of school. This is a website that you’ll definitely find interesting, especially if you are a visual art teacher. Maria Fabrizio is a illustrator + designer. Many of us have daily rituals that include the creative process. Maria’s rises at 4:45 AM and includes the following:

  1. reads the news
  2. sketches
  3. digitizes
  4. and posts an editorial illustration for a selected headline.

Be sure and check her website at– what a great example to share with students and a unique way to encourage a drawing a day!


Mr. Spider

July 21, 2015

Great story about an art teacher retiring

Mathias “Spider” Schergen retired this year after 23 years teaching art from Jenner Elementary Academy of the Arts in Chicago. This is a great story from NPRs All Things Considered. You can listen to or read the article at this link

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 9.07.01 PM


Standardized Tests

June 19, 2015

How some students feel about standardized tests

Ms. Chang is an art teacher at Burlington High School in Massachusetts. She recently asked her students to create art answering the question “How Do You Feel About Standardized Tests?” You can view the answers to the question on her blog called Ms. Chang’s Art Classes located at


Bates College Museum of Art

June 13, 2015

Educator’s workshop

August 28th from 3:00-5:00. The workshop will include a tour of the upcoming show and refreshments.

Points of View, is an exhibition of contemporary photography featuring new and recent works by Jay Gould, of Baltimore, Md., Gary Green, of Waterville, Me., David Maisel, of Marin, Ca. and Shoshannah White, of Portland, Me. Viewing elements of the Maine landscape from different levels of scale – from great distance to close-up, each artist explores a different aspect of the interrelationships between human populations and the natural world. The exhibition runs from June 12 through October 24, 2015 at Bates Museum of Art.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.58.53 AMThe Bates College Museum of Art offers tours for schools groups and community members free of charge. To register for the workshop please contact Anne Odom at 786-8212 or To schedule a tour for your class or classes, please contact the museum’s education staff at our addresses below. We have a limited amount of funding for busing so don’t wait to book your tour! Funding is available through ‘ticket to ride’ from the Maine Arts Commission.

Anthony Shostak                                                                  Kimberly Bentley
Curator of Education                                                           Museum Education Fellow
(207) 786-8302                                                                    (207) 753-6904                                                  



GT Art Seminar

June 4, 2015

District-wide in RSU#38

On May 15th a district wide Art Seminar was held for Gifted and Talented Art students in grades 3-12. A total of 22 GT Art students participated in the three art sessions presented by local artists at their studios. Christine Higgins and Thomas Higgins share a studio in Readfield. Christine creates sculptural forms and pulp paintings from her handmade paper. Thomas is a plein air oil landscape painter. Their website is Melissa Fredsall is a glass artist and she teaches a variety of glass arts at the Stained Glass Express studio in Manchester. Their website is

The students were divided into two groups: elementary students and middle school/high school students. Ms. Lord, the middle school art teacher, accompanied the MS/HS students as they started their day at the Dragonfly studio in Readfield. Students listened to a short presentation by Christine and Thomas about their art and how they communicate a message with their artwork and then they got right to work creating art. While high school students sat on the edge of the woods with Thomas and learned techniques to sketch a graphite landscape, Christine taught the middle school students how to screen and press pulp fibers into paper and dye the fibers to create a design. After an hour the two groups switched places, so that each group were able to work along side both artists.

Meanwhile at the Stain Glass Express studio, Ms. McPhedran, a district elementary art teacher, and the elementary students were working with Melissa Fredsall to create glass mosaic tiles. Each student selected colored glass pieces to form a design, which they glued to the tile and then grouted the glass pieces. Each student was able to finish their tile and bring it home the same day.

After students ate their lunches, they boarded the bus and MS/HS students traveled to the Stained Glass studio and Elementary students traveled to the Dragonfly studio. The elementary students received the same two presentations by Christine and Thomas and created their own paper and sketched landscapes with graphite and colored pencils. The MS/HS students spent the afternoon cutting glass and creating several glass design pieces, that were later fired in the glass kiln and made into beautiful magnets.

It was a wonderful day spent with great weather, talented artists, and creative students. On the bus ride back to school the students exclaimed what a great time they all had and were greatly inspired to use their new art skills.

Photos of the day can be viewed at: 0BxHQTmvxop2OTHR4RWwycEFTcEk/view?usp=sharing

Thank you to Hope Lord, Maranacook Middle School ART teacher for providing this great blog post.


Congratulations Sue Beaulier

May 28, 2015

She’s a Rock Star!

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 2.09.24 AMCongratulations to Sue Beaulier who was selected as the Aroostook county Teacher of the year. She is one of those passionate visual art teachers who has dedicated her life to her school community. Sue teachers art at the PK-12 Ashland School, and serves as the Gifted Talented coordinator as well.

Sue is a Teacher Leader with the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative, joining in Phase 2, 2012. On March 5 Sue told her story for the readers of this blog in this post

About one month later Sue was honored by the Maine Art Education Association as the Middle Level Educator of the Year. That story is at

She is most deserving of this recent award. The Maine State Teacher of the Year program is administered by Educate Maine. Information on the program is located at

I had the privilege of visiting Sue in her school and classroom a few years back and it was alive with excitement and creative learning was evident everywhere. So wonderful!

Sue’s journey is not over yet. As a county Teacher of the Year Sue is now being considered for the State Teacher of the Year. We wish you the best Sue – all of your visual and performing arts teachers are keeping our fingers crossed!


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