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October 11, 2019

2020 Maine Teacher of the Year

Heather Whitaker enters the gymnasium at Gorham Middle School where the student body and faculty cheered for her!

In a ceremony at the Gorham Middle School Heather Whitaker was named the 2020 Maine Teacher of the Year. Heather works closely with  Visual Art educator and Maine Arts Assessment Initiative Teacher Leader Amy Cousins.

Heather’s nomination included:

“Whitaker is an advocate for and experienced in using restorative practices and experimental learning,” the release said. “She believes in the power of relationships and that learning should be meaningful to students.”

In an articulate and heartfelt speech it was clear that Heather is completely devoted to her students and the success of each and every one of them. She will be an amazing representative in 2020 for all of Maine’s teachers!

READ a bit about Heather and her teaching in the Portland Press Herald.

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