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Waterville High School

May 18, 2013


The image is one of 90+ different invitations/announcements for this event.

Each student artist/designer/filmmaker creates a personalized announcement that features her or his work. Students print and cut at least four copies on a sheet that is pre-printed on the back with the event information. One goes to the art teacher for the archives and one must be hand delivered to an adult that works in the school (custodian, administrator, support staff, food service or faculty). The value of promotion and advocacy is discussed and practiced (even hand shaking!) Someday students may be promoting a service, product, idea or self, and this simple word document (for introductory level students) is a great place to start.

Thank you to Kay Allison, art teacher at Lewiston Middle School, for the idea passed on to Suzanne Goulet, Waterville Senior High School art teacher.

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