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ASCD Resources on the Arts

January 21, 2013

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

ASCD has numerous articles on Thoughtful Arts Education, published on January 17, 2013. Below I have listed the articles and resources, and links to each of them.


Maine Arts Ed Institute

August 10, 2011

Soooooo many resources

Jeff Beaudry, USM

To prepare for the institute that was held last week at Maine College of Art (MECA) participants prepared by reading articles, viewing videos, communicating on a wiki, and thinking about their role as leaders, teachers, and collaborators.

There were numerous resources provided for them and that they shared. This post is to provide you with some of the information to help you as a teacher in the 21st century classroom.

Assessment: New Hampshire Department of Education Arts Consultant Marcia

McCaffrey has many resources on the NH DOE website. For several years Marcia, and our Vermont colleague Gail Kilkelly, planned the New England Arts Education Assessment Institute. Maine’s teacher leaders read Guidelines for Arts Assessment and Envisioning Arts Assessment which can both be found at the above link. However, there are many other outstanding reading resources there as well. I suggest you spend a few minutes checking out what Marcia kindly provides there for eduators.

Jeff Beaudry, one of our planning committee members, teaches at USM. He is an

Rob Westerberg, music educator York High School

expert in assessment, data, leadership, is a photographer, and focuses much of his work (and play) on collaborating. In fact he has a really wonderful project that incorporates science and color encouraging participants to carefully observe and document the observations. We know how important observation is in the art and science world. Jeff guided participants readings contributing two chapters from Rick Stiggins assessment book. Chapter 2 is on Assessment for and of Learning and Chapter 4 called Assess How? Designing Assessments to Do What You Want. You can access both of these articles at

Joining Jeff on the assessment portions at the institute were Bronwyn Sale who was an art teacher at Brunswick High School before joining the staff at Bates two years ago. Bronwyn provided a variety of information and led a session on some of the pre-reading assignments using jig-saw. Also at the above link are two assessment articles that participants read called Self Assessment by Heidi Andrade and The View by Maja Wilson.

Technology: To help prepare for the technology segment of the institute participants

Ann Marie Hutton, Apple MLTI

viewed Tony Wagner’s YouTube on the global economy and they read Integrating Technology with Student-Center Learning, a report to the Nellie Mae Education Foundation. We were fortunate to have Ann Marie Hutton join us for the assessment institute and share her knowledge and skills with participants. Ann Marie works for Apple with the MLTI project and was an art teacher before joining the MLTI team. Did you know that you can contact MLTI and request staff to travel to your school for professional development? And, there is absolutely no cost involved!

Leadership: Carol Trimble facilitated the session on leadership modeling her leadership skills. Pre-reading was information written by Linda Lambert from ASCD called Leadership Capacity for Lasting School Improvement. Certainly all arts educators contribute to improving schools, often at the heart of that responsibility. Another article that was written by teacher Scott Hunt is called Teacher Leadership. Both articles are available on the page embedded above.

Catherine Ring, arts consultant New England Institute for Teacher Education

Rounding out our presenters last week were music educator Rob Westerberg and arts consultant with the New England Institute for Teacher Education Catherine Ring.  Both contributed resources and their wisdom and experience to the institute. There are many more resources that will be shared as time passes and you can look forward to getting at the October 7th statewide arts conference being held at USM, Portland. More information coming in the near future on the conference. The 18 teacher leaders will be presenting workshops at the conference and will also be presenting in the regions throughout the state during the school year, 2011-12.

For an update on the arts assessment initiative please go to and please email me if you have questions at

Photographs taken at the institute by Jen Nash have been posted at

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