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21st Century Skills

October 26, 2013

Skills map for the arts in the 21st century

I’ve written about the Partnership for 21st century skills but at this time when teachers are searching to create courses for students to meet the proficiency requirement according to LD 1422, this site bears repeating. It has 21st century skills maps for each content including the arts. If you go to this link you can download the map. And the home page of the Partnership is located at

Check out this YouTube to provide you ‘food for thought’.


P21 – Arts Skills Map

January 17, 2012

Arts Skills Map Webinar

I know many of you are familiar with the Partnership for 21st Century Skills website and the work that has taken place by P21. The work is focused on preparing every student for the 21st century. The websit is at

Not to long ago the partnership created a skills map specifically for the arts. To introduce educators to the skills map they’ve done a series of archived webinars that you can access at the site. This links to one on YouTube The webinars included presentations from Michael Blakeslee, the Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the National Association for Music Education, Barb Reinke, the Education Marketing Manager of Crayola, and Tim Magner, Executive Director of Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

In addition, don’t miss additional resources and suggested action steps for the P21 Arts Skills Map.  Please share them with other educators and administrators in your school, district, and learning community! You can find all this and more at our website:

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