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One Boy’s Story

March 14, 2023

Imagination, Focus, and Autism

I love this story and the way it is presented for the viewer to stop and listen and think. The creativity and Anthony’s autism remind me of the importance of doing all three. What does each child have hidden inside them? How do I support young people to tap into their passion? The support of his mother is amazing, something I wish for all children. Anthony is using his tools and creativity that contribute to his success now and hopefully into the future. I can only imagine what the future holds for this child.


Autism and the Arts

November 17, 2011

MPBN TV broadcast on Autism

Over the weekend MPBN TV had a program on Autism which features Temple Grandin who is a prominent speaker on Autism in the US. Temple is an animal scientist along with being an expert on Autism. A movie was created that tells her story. I am sure you will find the information that Temple shares in the broadcast very informative! Along with Temple there are stories of Mainer’s with Autism.

You can access the show at Also available at the link is information and resources that you might find helpful.

This information was shared by Surry music therapist, Alan Wittenberg. To learn more about what Alan has to offer please go to his website The Surry International Music Therapy Center at

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