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June 23, 2013

Caribou Middle School


Ann LePage at the unveiling of the book at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Portland. Kevin’s framed artwork is in the background.

Imagine being in 8th grade and you learn not only that your artwork was selected to be in the Love.Read.Learn! Baby Journal that the First Lady Ann LePage published in collaboration with the Barabara Foundation but on top of that your artwork was chosen for the cover?! How cool for Kevin Duplessie! This past week just before students were finished school for the year, the First Lady traveled to the middle school in Caribou to present Kevin with an enlarged framed image of his artwork at a surprise assembly in front of his school community and family members.

I had the chance to meet Kevin and his Dad and grandfather when the student work was on display at the Children’s Museum in Bangor in December. He is a student to watch!

I am certain that every time he views the artwork he will smile! Congratulations to Kevin! Read about the event by clicking here.

Kevin Duplessie, Grade 8, Caribou Middle School

Kevin Duplessie, Grade 8, Caribou Middle School

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Baby Journal Published

June 23, 2013

Art teachers with Westbrook Middle School students whose artwork is included in the book

You might remember back in September at the start of the 2012-13 school year the blog post that invited artwork submissions for the First Lady’s Baby book, “Love.Read.Learn!” Baby Journal. From that blog post and information going out to school’s and educators through other avenues there were over 800 pieces submitted for consideration. Every region of the state was represented and students from grades K – 8.

The project was a collaboration with the Barbara Bush Foundation and First Lady Ann LePage. The First Lady arranged the artwork throughout the Blaine House to be scored using a rubric derived from the AP rubric. First Lady Ann LePage, Becky Dyer from the Barbara Bush Foundation, and art teachers Lynne Shulman and Kathy Smith and I met at the Blaine House to score the artwork. It was great to share our love of teaching with both Becky and the First Lady. And a blog post announced the work selected.


Barbara Bush and Ann LePage at presentation of the book

A couple weeks ago I was invited to the unveiling of the book as it was presented to three new moms. Two of the students whose artwork was selected for the book (out of the 32), from Westbrook Middle School along with their teachers, principal, and their parents were in attendance as well.

I was so proud to see the completed book and all the students who submitted work. I know that the First Lady and Barbara Bush were inspired by the student work and dream of the possibilities. During the next year the book will be presented to new parents at each hospital in Maine. A great day for art education!

All the artwork published is at this link which is located on the front page of the meartsed blog.


Over 800 Works of Art!!!

November 5, 2012

Baby Journal

In early September students in grades K-8 were invited to submit artwork to be considered for the First Lady’s upcoming new family friendly Love.Read.Learn!™ Baby Journal. Over 800 pieces of artwork arrived at the Blaine House last week which represented all 9 grade levels from all regions of the state.

On Friday morning it was a pleasure to work alongside First Lady Ann LePage and Becky Dyer from the Barbara Bush Foundation, art teachers Lynne Shulman and Kathy Smith, to select the student artwork.

Students were asked to create original artwork that represented what living in Maine means to them. It was evident that students were inspired by their favorite places and activities. The images were as wide and varied as our state and citizens including moose, deer, fish, lighthouses, the beach and mountains, blueberries, winter and summer activities, families having fun together, and so many other great ideas! The artwork was created using a wide variety of medium including pencil, color pencils, markers, water color crayons, paints, and much more. The techniques varied as well including collage, printmaking, and more.

Needless to say it was no easy task to select 32 pieces from the outstanding submissions. As you can see from the photos the artwork was on display in many rooms throughout the Blaine House. The First Lady had arranged them for us so we could jump right into the task of selecting the artwork using a rubric to guide our work.

The journal is to promote literacy and health to families of newborn babies in Maine and will be provided at no cost to parents of newborns. The First Lady, Ann LePage, has partnered with the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy with the Maine is ME book theme.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all the teachers who helped guide students and submitted student artwork for consideration. THANK YOU to the over 800 students who used their artistic knowledge to create the outstanding work!

The artists work that was selected will be announced and posted on the meartsed blog in the near future.

Becky Dyer, First Lady Ann LePage, Lynne Shulman, Kathy Smith discussing artwork

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