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MLTI Summer Institute

May 28, 2011

Bowdoin College, Brunswick

The annual MLTI Summer Institute is happening once again, and this year we’ll convene on the beautiful campus of Bowdoin College in Brunswick. We will continue to draw on the expertise of the MLTI Integration Mentors and content specialists who will share their knowledge and experience as they guide participants in an intensive three day immersion in the topic of choice from our list of Summer Institute Cohorts. This intensive structure is a departure from previous Institutes where a variety of shorter sessions exposed participants to brief experiences with topics.

The goal this year is to allow participants time to dig deep into a topic and become proficient to empower, enhance and engage teaching and learning. If you’d like a break, we are offering Poster Sessions at the midpoint of the institute where you can attend shorter topic presentations. An inspiring keynote presentation and some fun evening extra curriculars (stay tuned!) will round out what’s sure to be a worthwhile professional development experience during the summer in mid-coast Maine.

When registering, please ensure you have reviewed the cohorts available You will need to select one cohort to participate in over the three days. Each cohort is limited to 15 participants unless otherwise indicated in the description. Registration for cohorts will be first come first serve, but we’ll make our best effort to accommodate everyone’s first choice. Please note on registration, there is an option to select a back up cohort!

More information on the Summer Institute can be found at

Online Registration can be found at

Cost Information:
$75.00 – Title IID scholarship    for teachers who teach at eligible Title IID schools. Includes overnight    accommodations, meals and materials.  (A list is posted online at
$100.00 – Poster Session Presenters includes overnight    accommodations, meals and materials
$125.00 – 3 day commuter    includes lunch, dinner and materials
$185.00 – 3 days includes overnight    accommodations, meals and materials
$250.00    – Out of state Teachers    includes overnight accommodations, meals, materials and MLTI Device to use during the event

If you have any questions, please contact Juanita Dickson at

Thank you
The MLTI Team

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