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Aroostook Mall Art Exhibit

March 20, 2017

Northern pARTners

Mackenzie Vigue and Delanie Cyr of Mapleton Elementary School

The Northern pARTners, Aroostook County regional art teachers, held a reception at the Aroostook Centre Mall on Thursday, March 9th from 7-7:30pm. Students from all around Aroostook County gathered to celebrate and showcase student artwork for the Essence of the North annual YAM(Youth Art Month) art show.

There were eleven county school districts represented including Presque Isle/Mapleton, Fort Fairfield, Limestone, Caribou, Ashland, Washburn, Connor, Hodgdon, Houlton, Mars Hill, and St. Agatha/Frenchville.

The Aroostook Centre Mall graciously donated space again this year for hanging the show. Vibrant colors and stunning examples of student artistic talents and skills filled the room as county art educators put up their student work.

Student artists accompanied by family and friends filled the gallery space from 6:45-7:45 Thursday evening. The visual appeal of the exhibit is an experience one wouldn’t want to miss. This was evident on reception night as people of all ages excitedly traveled around the exhibit.

Jack Boone of Zippel Elementary School

Beth Walker, Washburn art educator, provided a scavenger hunt which has student artists and their families studying the artworks looking for 2 clues in each district’s collection. They check off if they found the clue and write down the district where it was found. Stacy Ramsey, art educator from Hodgdon, created a visual scavenger hunt for her younger students. Students had to find photo images that she had photographed and printed off.

Despite the blustery weather conditions, it was an exciting evening meeting, greeting, and praising the students and their art work.

The northern pARTners are very appreciative and thankful to the Aroostook Centre Mall for providing this opportunity to display artwork from school districts around the county.

The artwork will be on display from February 28 through March 31st.


Abby Collins of Zippel Elementary School


Youth Art Month Exhibits

March 14, 2012

From Portland to Hallowell to Bangor to Presque Isle

Celebrating Youth Art Month with student art exhibits throughout the state.

Art in the Heart student exhibit, Bangor Mall

Bangor Mall – Art in the Heart student exhibit. Fifty five art teachers have contributed about 800 pieces of student artwork and came together on a recent Sunday to set up the exhibit. The artwork will be in place until March 17th.

Kal Elmore’s description: “Teachers had selected work, matted work, made lists of students, etc. Calls had been made to arrange mall space, panel moving, etc. The day had arrived. It was time for all the parts to come together. And, yes, it was a Sunday morning.

The panels arrived. People started to set up their exhibits. Art teachers greeted old friends with hugs and news. “Oohs” and “aahs” could be heard as art teachers found pieces that are appealing. It truly was glorious to see this exhibit come together!”                                              

The state Youth Art Month exhibit is at the Portland Museum of Art until the end of the month. The exhibit is sponsored by Maine Art Education Association (MAEA). The official opening was on Saturday, March 10th with hundreds of people there to celebrate the 131 students from grades K-12. It was marvelous! Carol Trimble received the Arts Advocacy Award from MAEA and Linda Stanley, MAEAs selection for the Art Teacher of the Year; both had wonderful messages for parents, teachers, and most importantly the students! The show remains until the end of March.

Camilla Jones, "Me on My Worst Day" Tempera, Hall-Dale High School

The Harlow Gallery in Hallowell annual student exhibits are top notch. The high school exhibit was on display during the first part of the month and presently on display is the elementary student art work. The high schools represented each send one student to actually hang the show. They did a marvelous job on the collaboration.

The Northern pARTners – art teachers from Aroostook county, came together last week to hang their student art show at the Aroostook Centre Mall. The art teachers traveled from Houlton, Easton, Caribou, Hodgdon, St. Agatha, Washburn, Mars Hills, Connor, Fort Fairfield, Limestone, Ashland, and of course Presque Isle. The show has 346 pieces from 12 towns. Hundreds of parents and students attended the opening and there were smiles and smiles to go around.

Madasyn Shorey, Grade 3, Zippel Elementary School, Ruth McAtee art teacher

Aroostook county art teachers at the opening of the exhibit.


Caribou Kids

January 6, 2012

Just before Christmas

I blogged about my trip to Aroostook county a few days before Christmas with First Lady Ann LePage. The story made the 6:00 news that evening on WAGM TV8. Twenty four second and fourth graders from Teague Park and Hilltop Elementary Schools had their art work on display at the Department of Education during October, November, and December. Art teacher Lena Tingley and the First Lady were included in the news segment. If you liked to take a look at the coverage please click here. (There is a short commercial beforehand). To view all the students’ artwork please click here or go to the front page of the meartsed blog and click on Teague Park and Hilltop Elementary Schools located on the bottom right under Artwork.


Visiting Young Artists in Caribou

December 21, 2011

A Day with the First Lady of Maine

Yesterday I traveled with the First Lady, Ann LePage, to Caribou. It was a cold day but as usual it was a beautiful ride to Aroostook county. I was happy to see a little snow on the ground and the air had a bite to it. We had two purposes for traveling to Caribou.

One to deliver food items for the Food Bank in Presque Isle. For several weekends citizens could visit the Blaine House and have a tour by the First Lady and Governor in exchange for bringing a food item. Enough food was donated to pass on to three food banks. The back of the van we traveled in today was filled food to deliver.

The other reason was to present certificates to the young artists, grade 2 and 4 students from the Hilltop and Teague Park Elementary Schools. Twenty for students presently have artwork on display at the Maine Department of Education. The Caribou elementary art teacher, Lena Tingley, and school staff were grateful we could make the trip to honor the children.

While there the First Lady read one of my favorite books, The Mitten by Jan Brett. And cookies made at the Blaine House were given to each of the children as well. It was a wonderful opportunity!

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