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Celebration of Arts Ed: Camden-Rockport

April 11, 2013

Blaine House event – April 9

IMG_3132On Tuesday, April 9, we had a Celebration of Arts Education to recognize the accomplishments of artists and musicians from Camden-Rockport Elementary and Middle Schools and Camden Hills Regional High School. The First Lady, Ann LePage, Chair of the State Board of Education, Dr. Steven Pound, and the Department of Education came together to celebrate Arts Education. Twenty four students representing grades Kindergarten through 12 are exhibiting art work at the Department. Proud family members watched as the students were recognized for their accomplishments.


Grade 6 student, Mary with Steven Pound and First Lady LePage

Music students in the 8-member, student lead a cappella group The Off-Beats(!) performed the Stars Spangled Banner and Sweet Caroline at the reception held at the Blaine House. After recognition and refreshments families were invited to the Department of Education to view the art exhibit. The Off-Beats(!) stopped at the State House to see Senator Mazurek and sang in other spots in the State House and the Cross Office building. It was a special treat to have them sing in the lobby at the Department with about 20 Department employees watching and listening. The Off-Beats(!) make people smile and a reminder of why it is essential to provide quality arts education for all students!


The Off-Beats(!) student director Alex with Steven Pound and First Lady Ann LePage

You can see the artwork that is on display at the Department by clicking here or viewing the work from the front page of the blog, right side in the section titled “Info”. Look for “Camden-Rockport Schools: MDOE exhibit”. Even after the artwork leaves the Department it will remain on the blog and the songs will remain in my heart and memory! Thank you to the students who have shared their art!

Congratulations and thank you to the visual and performing arts teachers who have taken the time to provide this opportunity for their students. Kimberly Murphy, Camden Hills Regional High School music teacher, Carolyn Brown, Suzanne Southworth, and Russell Kahn, Camden Hills Regional High School art teachers, Kristen Andersen, Camden-Rockport Middle School art teacher, and Susan Dowling, Camden-Rockport Elementary School art teacher.

Camden-Rockport Elementary School student Alexandra Southworth, grade 3 with Steven Pound and the First Lady

Camden-Rockport Elementary School student Alexandra, grade 3 with Steven Pound and the First Lady

Arts Teachers

Dr. Steven M. Pound, State Board Chair, Carolyn Brown and Suzanne Southworth, Camden Hills Regional High School, First Lady Ann LePage, Kimberly Murphy, Camden Hills Regional High School music teacher, Argy Nestor

Off Beats at Blaine House

The Off-Beats (!) perform Sweet Caroline at the Blaine House


The Off-Beats(!) perform at the Maine Department of Education


Grade 8 student Erin with her painting “Degas copy”

Off Beats and Argy

All smiles after an excellent performance – The Off-Beats(!) plus one

Thank you to Carolyn Brown and Janet Gallagher for the photographs included in this blog post!


DOE Commissioner’s Update

December 10, 2012

Celebration of Arts Education Highlighted

In the Thursday Commissioner’s Update last week Messalonskee High School Celebration of Arts Education was included. You can read the Update by clicking here. You can sign up to automatically to receive the Commissioner’s Update on Thursday’s by clicking on “Subscribe to this Newsletter” at the link above.

Steve Pound, Maine State School Board Chair, Kylee Knight, grade 11, Messalonskee High School, First Lady Ann LePage

Steve Pound, Maine State School Board Chair, Kylee Knight, grade 11, Messalonskee High School, First Lady Ann LePage

Morgan Clements and Dhivya Singaram

Morgan Clements and
Dhivya Singaram

Thank you to Messalonskee Music educator Andrew Forster for taking the photos.


Messalonskee High School Art Exhibit

November 27, 2012

Maine Department of Education

Brittany Dubuc, Gr. 12

During October, November, and December students from Leone Donovan’s art classes at Messalonskee High School have artwork on display at the Maine Department of Education. There is an outstanding collection that can be viewed by the public during business hours and enjoyed each day by the Department employees.

This week we will be recognizing the high school artists and musicians from Messalonskee High School at a reception and Celebration of Arts Education being held at the Blaine House. First Lady Ann LePage and Maine State School Board of Education Chair Steven M. Pound will be giving the students their recognition certificates.

Under the direction of music teacher Andrew Forster, two seniors will be performing a clarinet duet. And music teacher Kevin Rhein will direct the Ladies chorus accompanied by music teacher Pam Rhein.

At the conclusion of the program students and their families are invited to the Department to see the artwork on display.

The artwork is on the mearsted as well for viewing and can be accessed by clicking here.

Taylor Turcotte, Gr. 11

Kylee Knight, Gr. 11




Celebration of Arts Education

June 15, 2012

A great day for the arts

First Lady Anne LePage Welcoming families to the Blaine House

At the Celebration of Arts Education the First Lady welcomed K-6 arts students from Bangor elementary and middle schools to the Blaine House and thanked the students for sharing their work at the Department of Education. Mr. James Banks, chair of the state board, congratulated the students for their accomplishments in the arts. Stephen Bowen, Commissioner of Education, introduced three kindergarten students who performed a song they had written with the guidance of their music teacher, Anne Chamberlain-Small. Students has worked on the song all year using garage band and it is on the Department’s YouTube channel.

At the completion of the singing the students received certificates and “I am a musician” button. Artists were announced and each of them were presented a “I am an artist” button and a certificate.

After enjoying cookies and punch in the dining room the families were welcomed at the Department of Education to view the artwork on display. The musicians sang their song a second time. Many families made a day of it visiting other places of interest in Augusta.

Student artwork are posted on the Bangor art exhibit page found on the right side of the front page of the blog. The exhibit remains unil the end of June. Earlier this month a post was made on the specifics of the art exhibit.

Season Make a Rainbow Score


Maranacook Community Schools: RSU 38

March 13, 2012

Art Exhibit at the Maine Department of Education

The January, February, and March art exhibit at the Department has 24 pieces of art from Maranacook Community Schools. A great big thank you to the following art teachers for providing the work from their students.

  • Linda Nichols Phillips, Maranacook Community High School
  • Hope Lord, Maranacook Community Middle School
  • Dona Seegers, Mt. Vernon Elementary School
  • Katharine Ayer, Manchester Elementary School

The online students art work is at

Students will be recognized at the Celebration of Arts Education at the Blaine House on Wednesday, March 14th. First Lady LePage, Commissioner of Education Stephen Bowen, and State Board Chair Jim Banks will present each student with a certificate and an arts education button.

Musical selections will be provided by Maranacook High School students under the direction of music teacher Drew Albert.

The celebration will include recognition of the work of Carol Trimble who was the Executive Director of the Maine Alliance for Arts Education (MAAE). Dance teacher MaryEllen Schaper and Principal Brian Walsh will receive MAAEs arts advocacy awards.

After the Blaine house ceremony guests are invited to the Department of Education to view the artwork on display.


Maine Alliance for Arts Education Awards

March 9, 2012


The Maine Alliance for Arts Education is pleased to announce Brian Walsh, Principal at Hermon High School and MaryEllen Schaper, dance educator and teacher at Bonny Eagle Middle and High School as the winners of its annual awards for excellence and service to arts education in Maine.

Walsh was selected as the 2012 Outstanding Administrator Advocate for Arts Education Award, which is given each year to a school or organization administrator who has:
demonstrated outstanding leadership and support of the arts, established exemplary or innovative arts education programs, and promoted the importance of arts in education.

Schaper is the recipient of the 2012 Bill Bonyun Artist/Educator Award which is given each year in honor of Bill Bonyun whose career as a folklorist, storyteller, singer, writer, and educator spanned over half a century. The award is given to someone who has:
made significant contributions to arts education, shown outstanding commitment and dedicated service in arts education, and been an inspiration to students, teachers, and the community.

In nominating Walsh, Cheryl Olson Lorenz said, “In a small community with a high school known as a ‘sports school,’ the support of the principal can make the difference between the arts acting in anonymity or stepping into the spotlight. Brian Walsh has made that kind of difference at Hermon High School through his leadership and support of the arts, arts advocacy, and artistic expression.”

And in her nomination letter for Schaper, Nancy Salmon describes her contributions to dance education by saying, “MaryEllen has provided countless students with their first taste of the joy of dance and movement.”

Schaper and Walsh will receive their awards at a ceremony at the Governor’s Mansion, Blaine House on March 14.

MAAE will also honor Carol Gardien Trimble at the March 14th Blaine House Arts Education Celebration for her dedicated service as its Executive Director. In December 2011, Carol stepped down from her post, having served ten years in this role. During her tenure, Carol guided the organization through a period of program and service expansion and helped the board of directors to make major changes that strengthened MAAE as an important state and national networking and advocacy entity. Under her leadership MAAE created and managed two important programs that offered direct services to Maine students and teachers: Learning in Community – Arts (LINC) in Hancock County) and (with Susan Potters), Building Community Through the Arts (BCTA). To support these programs and other MAAE initiatives, Carol garnered funding through innumerable, federal, state, and foundation grants and corporate supporters. Her administrative skills and gracious presence at the heart of MAAE is greatly missed.


Celebration of Arts Ed. in Augusta

June 9, 2011

A Grand Day!

Tuesday marked a wonderful day. For eight years the Department has had a student art display representing grades PK-12 from many Maine schools. The artwork has been enjoyed by Department staff and visitors.

During this time few students and families have actually seen the display. We know that exhibiting artwork is an important part of the art process and that our Maine Learning Results include Exhibition – Performance Indicator B4. For many months I have been thinking about ways to provide the opportunity for students and parents to actually see the display and how to create a celebration of arts education, not just visual arts. Yesterday the ideas all came together in one grand afternoon!

Mom and daughter view the art

Student artists and musicians from Wiscasset primary, middle and high schools were invited to the Blaine House to be recognized for their accomplishments. Over 100 people attended the reception in the beautiful gardens and watched and listened while 30 students received a certificate, a letter from the First Lady Ann LePage, and a button. The Wiscasset High School Acapella group performed beautifully under the direction of music teacher Molly Winchenbach. State board chair James Banks helped present the awards. Proud Wiscasset art teachers Donna Barnes, Molly Carlson, Sarah Sutter, and Tom Block attended. Tom received the “Golden Paintbrush award” as he retires after 37 years in the classroom.

Carol Trimble, Executive Director from the Maine Alliance for Arts Education, presented the Administrator Advocate Arts award to Stewart Kestenbaum and the Bill Bonyun Artist/Educator award to Susan Webster. They have contributed many years to arts education programs for young people.

Tom Block and students perform at the Department

Student artists, their parents and invited guests moved from the Blaine House to the Department where they went on a guided tour of the exhibit. Music groups performed in the lobby area of the Department where staff and visitors could appreciate the musical selections. It was an arts education afternoon in Augusta!

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