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Happening at the MDOE

October 3, 2011

Commissioner’s Updates

photo of Education Commissioner Bowen

Commissioner Bowen

Are interested in keeping up with what is happening from the Education Commissioner Steve Bowen’s office? If so, it is easy… below is information that was provided by the Commissioner’s office to help you do just that. I suggest you sign up ASAP.

To streamline the many communications from the Maine Department of Education, the Department has developed a weekly Commissioner’s Update that includes official correspondence, press releases, reporting requirements, news and information designed for superintendents, business managers, administrators and teachers, and available by subscription to anyone.

Some examples from recent weeks include: news from the field on standards-based classrooms, the Commissioner’s thoughts and information on NCLB flexibility, professional development opportunities and much more. (Please note the Commissioner’s Update takes the place of the Administrative Letters and Informational Letters of past practice. This is the only way to receive updates on requirements, policy changes, and forms and other reporting requirements that are due.)

I encourage you to subscribe to this weekly update and to do so click here:

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