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Tomorrow at USM

June 27, 2016

MALI Summer Conference

MALI_V3_Color_100ppiIt is not to late to attend the Maine Arts Leadership Initiative (MALI) Summer Conference tomorrow, Tuesday, June 28, Wishcamper, USM, Portland campus, 8:00 to 3:30. If you are interested in joining the 66b registered educators from across Maine and New Hampshire please look at the conference information by CLICKING HERE. Arrive at Wishcamper with cash or a $50.00 check issued to Maine Art Education Association. Contact hours are issued at the end of the day or CEUs are available for a $20.00 check issued to University of Southern Maine. MALI is a program of the Maine Arts Commission.

Workshop Offerings

Theresa Cerceo

Studio Habits of Mind, Planting Seeds toward Growth and Proficiency in the Arts

K-12 Visual Art

This workshop will offer give a brief overview of the work done by Lois Hetland as outlined in her book, Studio Thinking.  It will offer various strategies one can implement in the arts classroom in order to track and guide students through proficiency toward MLR standards for the Arts  and Guiding Principles.


Jake Sturtevant and Jan Gill

Student’s Choice: Engaging Students in Task Design Make the Concert Theirs

K-12 Music

Jan and Jake are mother and son, both music teachers; Jan in RSU 73 (elementary) and Jake (high school) in MSAD 6. Examples of strategies that allow students to choose, arrange, and perform songs. From a 3rd grade class choosing a name for their band and songs to perform on guitar, bass, keys, drums and vocals to a high school band of 60 students transcribing and arranging Uptown Funk, this session will include strategies for how to negotiate and empower student choice to promote positive interdependence, in a variety of ensembles and general music settings.


Danette Kerrigan

National Board Certification

K-12 All Educators

This session will focus on the benefits, process and incentives available to educators in the state of Maine interested in National Board certification. National Board Certification is the most respected professional certification available in education and provides numerous benefits to teachers, students and schools. It was designed to develop, retain and recognize accomplished teachers and to generate ongoing improvement in schools nationwide. Standards for each content area and developmental level are created by teachers, for teachers.


SECOND Session  


Susan Beaulier

Critical Thinking in the Art Room; It’s the Thought that Counts

K-12 Art

Expand your existing art lessons by incorporating critical thinking strategies that drive your students to think more deeply about their own art and that of others. We’ll discuss how to pose questions, frame class critiques, lead thoughtful discussions about the  aesthetic qualities of visual art,  incorporate writing into the studio art lesson, and provide avenues for student reflection on their art making process.

Jen Etter & Rob Westerberg

Developing Your Music Standards and Assessment Strategies

K-12 Music

This extended workshop will allow participants either on their own or in teams to look at desired curricular outcomes for their program, develop standards and indicators that are customized to their specific courses and school, and set up assessment strategies to bring authentic proficiency to life.


Iva Damon

Google Classroom

PK-12 All Educators

Who has time to orchestrate all of the current technologies of Google Drive, digital portfolios, videos, digital imagery, and getting 21 Century skills into the classroom? YOU do with Google Classroom. Make your life easier and find the Holy Grail to simple, easy to use technology that can be utilized in all classrooms.


THIRD Session


Elise Bothel

Death to the Cookie Cutter Project

K-5 Visual Art

Do you cringe when you walk by visual art displays featuring identical pieces of art done by a classroom of diverse students? Would you like to offer more choice, but are worried that the academic content will be lost in the chaos? Are you looking for a balance of creativity and content in your visual arts classroom? This workshop is designed to offer insight and solutions about how to foster creativity while still providing a rigorous and educational art curriculum. Along with group discussion, participants will have the opportunity to work on improving their own lessons through the use of backwards design, student interest, and choice.


Patti Gordan

Hatching a Songbird: Teaching and Assessing Singing Skills at the Primary Level K-4 Music

When the wee folk walk through our door how do we make sure we’re helping them develop singing skills, not just singing songs with them? This workshop will help you plan methodical, proficiency based lessons and assessments, including formative self assessments, that are easily delivered during our limited general music class time. Help your smallest singers reach their highest singing potential and develop a love of singing!


Holly Leighton & Nancy Kinkade

Next Steps Rubrics Makes Learning More Progressive

PK-12 Art and Music

How do you motivate students to move beyond a score of 3 or 4? How do we get students to look at learning as sequential as opposed to”end result” learning?  What tool can I use to make assessment more accessible to teacher and students with greater impact? Educators will leave with strategies to put students on a continuum of learning that is teacher and student friendly.


Rob Westerberg


PK-12 All Educators

This session will present strategies for continued implementation of PBL in your own classroom, and highlight the powerful corollary advocacy points that go along with each. If our advocacy efforts have been so useful for the past 20 years, why are we still so much in need of more? Come find out how our most recent PBL work has the potential to finally push arts education to the forefront of our school’s academic agenda while providing the richest, most relevant curriculum possible for our students.

FOURTH Session


Mandi Mitchell

Strategies to Deepen Student Engagement and Learning in the Arts Classroom, 7-12 VIsual Art

Are you struggling to demonstrate techniques, assess student learning, and still find time within your class to teach criticism and aesthetics? Get the most out of your class, every time that you meet.  Learn how to develop a successful, fully implemented classroom model that offers more “bang for your buck.” You will deepen student learning and motivation, increase student engagement and interest, and encourage self-regulation and reflection while integrating three simple daily steps that structure your classroom without limiting creativity. Adaptable for all levels and all arts disciplines!


Samantha Armstrong

What are the Benefits of Student Self-reflection? (What do I still need to do? What have I learned?)

K-6 Visual Art

In this workshop we will explore the benefits of student self reflection as a means of achieving greater understanding and academic success. We will look at evidence that shows the impact self assessment has on student success and a sampling of self assessment and reflection tools and methods. You will also have an opportunity to discuss and brainstorm how you see these concepts working in your classroom.


Jen Etter & Rob Westerberg

Further Developing Your Music Standards

K-12 Music

Continue to develop your work from the Second Session or join us for the first time to dive into your own work!


John Morris

Creativity: A Group Inquiry

PK-12 All Educators

This discussion group model will help participants make connections with creativity research, while promoting inquiry and dialogue about the nature of creativity, as well as the role of creativity in K-12 teaching, learning and assessment.


Southern Maine Partnership

April 29, 2016

Learning opportunity at USM – two day conference

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 6.17.34 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 6.18.04 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 6.18.16 AM


Finding a Place at the Assessment Table

November 3, 2014

One-day conference, December 3, 2014

Southern Maine Partnership Presents



Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.05.24 PM

Keynote by Rick Stiggins

Rick Stiggins, author of recent books Defensible Teacher Evaluation: Student Growth Through Classroom Assessment and Revolutionize Assessment: Empower Students, Inspire Learning will keynote the event. Rick founded Assessment Training Institute to provide professional development in assessment literacy for school leaders and teachers. He has authored several books and a host of papers on the subject.

Who Should Attend?

The one-day conference is designed for: School and District leaders, teachers, Effective Educator Steering Committee members, School Board members, and all interested in the implementation of Education Policy.

Price: $75 registration fee includes coffee, snacks, and lunch, USM, Portland campus

Registration Process: Complete the online registration at this link:  Limited space available.

3 Concurrent Sessions

  • Various districts will present their Educator Effectiveness Plans, including the student growth component
  • DOE Effective Educator Coordinator, Mary Paine
  • Student Learning Outcome (SLO) examples and processes
  • Assessment Literacy for Leaders and Practitioners
  • Teacher leaders from the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative will taker their place at the table and share teacher evaluation work.
  • The Center for Research on STEM Education (RISE) from UMaine Orono will share their work with pre-post tests.
  • USM graduate students and professors pilot student growth models

For more information please contact Anita Stewart at



September 20, 2013

Maine Art Education Conference

Another successful conference was held at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts last weekend by the Maine Art Education Association. The workshops were intense and included the following choices:

  • Creative and Useful Bookmaking: Sally Allen
  • Alabaster Carving: Anne Alexander
  • Encaustic Painting: Diane Bowie Zaitlin
  • Animal sculptures with clay using enclosed forms and additions / Tim Christensen
  • Plein Air Painting / Cooper Dragonette
  • Responding to ­ Photography in Europe/ Brenton Hamilton
  • Knifemaking / Tim McCreight

After a little bit of rain on Friday, the sky cleared and the moon shined beautifully that evening. As traditional, slides of the artists’ work and stories were shared on both evenings. The annual silent auction brought in over $1000.00 for the student scholarship fund. Teachers took the time to visit other studios which provided viewing the processes, learning from others, and meeting art educators. And, of course, the beautiful Haystack environment provided a unique experience. Just being there seems to bring out the creative juices that art teachers have. The food was excellent (although I miss the spanakopita that used to be served on Saturday night)!

A great big thank you to those who attended and especially to the planners of the annual conference Reagan Russell and Lynn Wildnauer!


I participated in the Bookmaking session and learned how to make several books including a stab book – one that I have been interested in for a long time. I am looking forward to filling the contents. I have to say that the most fascinating session for me of the weekend was the knifemaking workshop. It was amazing to stop by and see the progress and what each teacher was creating.

If you are not a member of the Maine Art Education Association I urge you to submit your membership request asap. Heidi O’Donnell, the new president, and other new slate of officers are committed to providing a top quality professional organization for Maine art educators. To join the organization please contact membership chair Jodi Thomas at Jodi or president Heidi O’Donnell at


Maine Arts Assessment Initiative members Leah Olson, Suzanne Goulet, Argy Nestor, Catherine Ring, Pam Ouellette


MMEA Conference

October 25, 2012

Up on their feet and learning

I had a chance to spend a small amount of time at the Maine music educators one-day conference last week that was held in Augusta at the Calumet Club. Within 10 minutes of starting the all day event, Penny Mahoney had the more than 70 music educators on their feet. They sang, moved, listened, questioned, and experience the lessons by doing!

It was clear that the professional development opportunity was appreciated from the moment the day started. Penny Mahoney is a nationally known Orff-Schulwerk clinician and endorsed trainer in education through movement. She has been teaching for well over 30 years and has no plan on stopping. I got a follow-up email that said: “I could hit the ground running on Monday morning when I started teaching with new ideas that I could immediately put into practice.”

The conference was sponsored jointlyby The Maine Chapter of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association and the Maine Music Educators Association.

Thank you to Patti Gordan for sharing her camera and the photographs! A great big THANK YOU to Nancy Cash-Cobb for her great work on planning the conference!


International Visual Literacy Association Conference

August 29, 2012

44th Annual Conference at USM, October 13th

October 10 to 13 in Portland, USM, Mapping the Visual Beyond the Visible, annual conference of the International Visual Literacy Association,

Established in 1969, IVLA members represent a wide range of disciplines and includes researchers, educators, designers, media specialists and artists. Through its meetings, publications, and website, IVLA provides a forum for issues dealing with education, instruction, and training in modes of communication and their application. Paper proposals for conference:

The 2012 confereence is hosted by The Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education at the University of Southern Maine in Portland.


Wednesday, October 10, 6:30 PM

Keynote address by Ken Jennings, author of Maphead, a personal account of his lifelong fascination with maps and geography. Best known for his 2004 record-breaking appearance on Jeopardy, the TV quiz show, Ken Jennings has since published two bestsellers, Brainiac and Maphead.

Note: The lecture on the USM Portland campus in Hannaford Hall is also free and open to the public.
Due to limited seating, please RSVP by Friday, October 5 to (207) 780-4850 or

Thursday, October 11
Conference sessions at the Clarion Hotel followed by an evening reception at the Maine College of Art in Portland.

Friday, October 12

All daytime sessions held at the Glickman Family Library on the USM Portland campus. Midday tour of the Osher Map Library and its exhibition, Iconic America: The US Map Outline as National Symbol, accompanied by presentation by John Fondersmith, guest curator whose collection is on display.

Evening: Gala event with dinner and musical entertainment at Clarion Hotel.

Saturday, October 13

Keynote presentation by David Sobel, author of Mapmaking with children: sense of place education for the elementary years. Sessions at Clarion Hotel will focus on K-12 education. Day registration for area educators is encouraged.


Steve Orlofsky Honored

June 4, 2012

Maine Music Educators Association

I know that some of you attended the Thursday night banquet at the Maine Music Educators Conference this past month at UMaine when Steve Orlofsky was surprised. No, I would say Steve was more than surprised, shocked is a better word to describe it! Head of School from George Stevens Academy, Paul Perkinson, presented the MMEA award to Steve before a room of his peers on May 17th.

The presentation included the following sentiments from a student of Steve’s:

“Never have I seen a man so infused with energy, so passionate about music, and so in tune with his students as Steve Orlofsky, the music director at George Stevens Academy. The man is a veritable force of nature, fueled by a vat of coffee, constantly moving. I am fairly certain he could win a trophy at a speed walking competition.

And I am totally certain that he could win a trophy at a music competition. He has done it before. Multiple times, actually. In my three years at GSA, I can not remember one in which a GSA musical group did not win first place at the District or State Jazz Fest, and the trophies and banners speak for the years before me. If it were possible to win trophies fro playing at basketball games, those would be won as well. I have head referees who claim to have heard dozens of school bands while refereeing across the state, and they all say that the GSA Band are the best. And we are the best, thanks to Mr. O.

We all know the iconic image of him counting off, and then becoming distracted by somethinghe wants to tell us and forgetting his conducting hand, so that he will be telling us something, and his baton will still be unconsciously counting out a steady beat. We always have a good laugh when it happens. We learn many things in band besides music, such as how to avoid a moose on the side of the road, how to find the best dog at a kennel (Mr. O keeps us up to date with the cutest dogs at the local animal shelter), what to buy your wife on Valentine’s Day, and much more. And he always tells us stories. When he was 10 years old, his teacher asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up, and he said, “I want to be a high school band teacher.” The teacher had looked at him as if he were crazy, but he stuck to his dream, and here it is, years later, doing the thing he has wanted to do since he was a kid.

I have improved in my skills on the drum set, the piano, and in my general undersatnding of music and its flow while with Mr. O, and I’ve had fun the entire time. I’ve played stuff from the Rolling Stones to Duke Ellington and everything in between. I think it was best put into words a while by Aaron, my fellow percussionist in the school band. The subjet of classes came up, and I asked him which one he liked the most. He said, “Dude! Band!”.



Maine Art Education Association Spring Conference

April 26, 2012

Creative Literacy Conference – May 5th

MAEAs spring conference at USMs Wishcamper Center, Portland campus on Saturday, May 5th, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Registration is $50 for members and $75 for non-members. Contact hours and CEUs are available upon request. For more information, details, and registration please go to or read about it on the Upcoming Events page found on the right side of the blog.


Haystack Registration

May 31, 2011

Starting June 1st

So, today’s the day if you haven’t already done so! If you are an art educator and would like to attend the Haystack conference this year on September 16,17, and 18 I suggest you go to the Maine Art Education Association website (MAEA).

All of the information is there included how to register. You will need to download, print and snail mail, POSTMARKED June 1, your registration to the registrar. Don’t forget to include a self addressed, stamped envelope.

You do need to be a member of MAEA. If you’re not you can send it with your conference registration. It is first come, first serve, as they are received by postmark.


Spring Art Conference Rescheduled

April 20, 2011

Postponement due to snow on April 1st

Caleb Gr.1, Enfield Station Ele School, Sasha Bladen art teacher

The MAEA+USM Spring Art Education Conference is rescheduled for Friday, April 29th. The time-frames will remain the same; 7:30-8:00 registration; 8-9:15 opening remarks; and with sessions running from 9:30-4:00.

If you had not registered to attend for April 1st you are invited to attend and register by April 25th. Kelly Hrenko from USM has worked to reschedule presenters and welcomes all of you to participate! Please contact Kelly if you have questions or concerns at
and should you have to cancel your registration, please contact Cameron Davis:

The final schedule for the day is posted on the Maine Art Education Association website at

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