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More Than Notes

August 15, 2017

Music – Teaching and Learning

Central High School teacher Quincy Stewart uses music to teach African-American history to his students. “These children have been robbed by this system. … They’ve been miseducated, undereducated and misused,” he said.

Earlier this summer a colleague sent me a link to this piece on a Detroit high school music teacher named, Quincy Stewart. He not only teaches music but pushes his students to learn other subjects including math, English and history and he does it all in music appreciation class.

Mr. Stewart said: “They walk in here and they don’t even know who they are.” So, Stewart teaches them: about the nations of Africa all the way through American Civil Rights, along with music theory. One student agrees: “This class gave me more information about myself than I could even imagine” (Einhorn, Chalkbeat).

You can read the entire article on Chalkbeat by CLICKING HERE.

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