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Hungry for Art

March 21, 2013

RSU 23 art teachers come together for district art show

Hungry for ArtNot all the artwork in the annual RSU 23 art exhibit is related to art but many of the pieces have a direct connection. As you can see in one of the photos the giant sandwiches are ready for the eating! The art teachers work together to plan the annual event that is held at the Saco Museum. Artwork covers the walls from ceiling to floor.  The district has 7 art teachers and represents the collective work of nearly 2,500 students from Dayton, Fairfield, Jameson, Young and CK Burns elementary schools; Loranger and Saco Middle Schools, and Old Orchar Beach High School.

HUNGRY...Camille Smalley, the Saco Museum collections and research manager said: “This year’s display really showcased the innovation and creativity of the teachers and the district’s art program. There are going to be a lot of people leaving here hungry because the installations look pretty lifelike”.

Congratulations to art teachers Joanne Matusko (Dayton and Young schools), Jessie Francis (Loranger Middle School), Dawn Strandburg (Jameson), Marie Hoyniak (Saco Middle School), Piper Bolduc (Old Orchard Beach High School), Debbie DiGregorio (Burns School) and Diane Noble (Young and Fairfield schools).

An article in the Biddeford-Saco-OOB Courier tells the whole story which you can access by clicking here.

Thank you to Diane Noble for sending the information and the photos.

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