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Webinar Today

April 23, 2020

Global Oneness Project

I’ve blogged about Earthrise before – it is such a moving film. In recognition of 50 years of Earth day I suggest that you pause and view the film for the first time or once again. It is so appropriate at this time in history.

In recognition of Earth Day the Global Oneness Project is providing a student photography contest for teenagers. Learn the details TODAY at 11:00AM Pacific Time, 2:00PM Eastern Time. Photo contest: Document Your Place on the Planet. 

Inspired by our Emmy-nominated film Earthrise, by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, this contest challenges students to turn their cameras on themselves and their place on the planet, documenting their perspectives of the living world.

Watch the film Earthrise for inspiration and access our in-depth Earthrise Discussion/Curriculum guide which includes background information depicting the year 1968 environmentally and historically. Also included is an Earthrise image analysis activity to introduce students to the Earthrise photograph and the concept of perspective. Our Earthrise conversation cards are also a good source of inspiration; they include quotes from thought leaders, conservationists, authors, and poets such as Wendell Berry, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, Joseph Campbell, and Gary Snyder.


In the webinar we will discuss the Global Oneness Project’s new student photography contest, Document Your Place on the Planet. Inspired by our film Earthrise, we challenge and encourage teens to enter a student photography contest to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of Earth Day. The Earthrise photograph was an impetus behind the environmental movement and the founding of Earth Day, which was created 50 years ago on April 22, 1970.

We are all sheltering in place as we experience the coronavirus pandemic taking place around the world. How might we consider this moment in time and history? How might we reimagine and redefine the meaning of home?

Joining us is Executive Director of the Global Oneness Project Cleary Vaughan-Lee, Mary Ellen Newport, high school ecology teacher at Interlochen Center for the Arts, and Shelly Grandell, middle school science teacher and Space Foundation Teacher Liaison from Colorado. The inspiration behind the project and the project details will be shared along with how the contest is being implemented in the classroom. Student work will be shared throughout this hour and an in-depth Q&A will also take place.


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