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May 31, 2020



Funding Opportunities

August 28, 2014

 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

The NCTM is accepting applications from teachers of pre-K-2 mathematics for projects that incorporate music into the elementary school classroom to help young students learn mathematics. For 2015–16, grants of up to $3,000 will be awarded to individual classroom teachers or small groups of teachers collaborating in one grade or across grade levels. Any acquisition of equipment must support the proposed plan but not be the primary focus of the grant. Proposals must address the combining of mathematics and music, planning for improving students’ learning of mathematics, and/or the anticipated impact on students’ achievement. Please click here to read more.

P. Buckley Moss Foundation Accepting Applications For Arts-Integrated Education Programs
The mission of the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education is to promote the integration of the arts into all educational programs, with a special focus on children who learn in different ways. The foundation is accepting grant applications from educators who need financial assistance to maintain or implement an arts education program. Grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded to support new or evolving programs that integrate the arts into educational programming. Although the purpose of the grant program is to assist teachers who wish to establish an effective way of using the arts to teach children who learn differently, proposed projects must serve all children in the classroom, including those with no trouble learning in a general education setting. Please click here to read more.

Teens Teaching Tech
Apply for a grant to hold your own Teens Teaching Tech program in your community. Older adults have gadgets like digital cameras, tablets, mobile phones, and apps that they find challenging to use. The goal of this program is to help senior citizens feel comfortable with ever-evolving technology. The applicant must be part of a school-based club or homeschool community organization in the United States. The $250.00 grants are provided to high school clubs: community service, National Honors Society, and computer clubs. Deadline: September 15

Laura W. Bush Traveling Fellowship 
The State Department is currently accepting applications to help fund innovative travel around the world by young people who use education, natural sciences, social and human sciences, culture, and/or communication and information to build strong ties among nations. The fellowship is intended for American college students who have not been afforded many opportunities to travel abroad. Through 4 to 6 weeks of travel anywhere in the world, you can have the opportunity to interact with individuals from other nations while promoting the goals of UNESCO! Deadline: September 22

Captain Planet Foundation Grants 
Captain Planet Foundation will accept small grant requests for amounts between $500 – $2,500.  All proposed activities must be project-based, projects must be performed by youth; and projects must have real environmental outcomes. The Captain Planet Foundation primarily makes grants to U.S.-based schools and organizations with an annual operating budget of less than $3 million.  International requests are also accepted, with preference given to international projects that have U.S.-based partners. Preferential consideration is given to requests who have secured at least 50% matching or in-kind funding for their projects.   Deadline: September 30

Lowe’s Toolbox for Education Grants 
Whatever goals and dreams you have for your school, Lowe’s Toolbox for Education Grant Program can help fulfill them with grants of $2,000 to $5,000. K-12 public schools as well as school parent-teacher groups are eligible. Preference is given to funding requests that have a permanent impact such as facility enhancement (both indoor and outdoor) and landscaping or clean up projects.  Deadline: October 15

Ben & Jerry’s Foundation Grassroots Organizing for Social Change Program
The Grassroots Organizing for Social Change Program supports non-profit grassroots, constituent-led organizations across the country that are using direct action, grassroots community-organizing strategies to accomplish their goals. Proposals should align with the Foundation’s broad interests in social justice, environmental justice and sustainable food systems. They fund organizations with budgets of $500,000 or less. Grant awards are up to $20,000 for a one-year period.                      Deadline: October 15

NYLC Youth Leadership for Service-Learning Excellence Award
The Youth Leadership for Service-Learning Excellence Award recognizes service-learning programs and projects that demonstrate outstanding youth leadership. This award focuses on projects that show a high level of youth initiative in all areas including identifying an authentic need, planning the service, and putting that plan into action. Teams of young people participating in service-learning projects can apply.  Deadline: November 7

NYLC Service-Learning Practitioner Leadership Award
The Service-Learning Practitioner Leadership Award recognizes those who have equipped young people to lead and serve, both through their direct work with youth and by nurturing other practitioners. Nominations are accepted from the general public, and a committee of leaders from the service-learning field will select the winners.  Deadline: November 7


In Today’s News

August 13, 2014

Maine’s teachers of the year need your help so our students can succeed


Kate Smith

In today’s Bangor’s Daily News you can read an article about the revised Maine Teacher of the Year program – now for the first time we have county teachers of the year. Representing Franklin County is the Central Elementary School, South Berwick music teacher Kate Smith. Kate is also one of the Phase IV Maine Arts Assessment Initiative’s (MAAI) Teacher Leaders. We’re proud of you Kate – CONGRATULATIONS!

The article includes how important it is that each of us has a responsibility. Educators, families, administrators, students, and community members all have a role to play in this standards-based school environment. Gone are the days that students could move along the school track from grade level to grade level getting pieces. The proficiency-based learning environment is about all kids! If you’re wondering how to get started or have questions about the work you are doing in your arts classrooms/schools/districts you can find helpful resources on the new MAAI website, specifically in the section called Proficiency Toolbox that you can find at this link.

To read the entire Bangor Daily News article please click here.


Kate with Village Elementary School, York, music teacher Cynthia Keating. Kate and Cynthia will be collaborating to present their workshop for phase IV of the MAAI.


Teachers at the White House

May 5, 2014

President Obama Welcomes teachers

This is the second in the series of blog posts in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4-10, 2014. Thank you for the work you do supporting quality arts education!

Screen shot 2014-05-01 at 8.44.19 PMOn May 1st President Obama welcomed the 2014 state teachers and National teacher of the year to the White House. I share this information with you today since it is the first day of Teacher Appreciation Week. In the photo above with President Obama is Sean McComb, the 2014 National Teacher of the year. On the President’s right is Maine’s very own 2014 teacher of the year Karen MacDonald, from King Middle School in Portland. Below is a snippet from the White House blog:

“Today is a chance to thank not just the teachers on this stage but teachers all across the country,” said the President. “We really can’t say enough about how important their role is in making sure that America succeeds. So thank you for what you’re giving our children and what you’re giving our nation.”

After emphasizing the significant role that teachers play in our society, the President honored the National Teacher of the Year, Sean McComb.

Sean, a teacher at Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts in Baltimore, works with students in a program called Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) — a college-readiness program aimed at capable students who just need that extra push.

You can read the entire post by clicking here. More importantly I suggest that you watch the (entire) video embedded in the post where Sean McComb speaks. I am proud to be an educator when a teacher speaks so distinctively about our profession.

In Sean’s own words…

“I became a teacher because I had incredible teachers who were able to shine a light of hope and possibility into a dark time in my life. Teaching is my calling to do that for others, and an opportunity to spend my career living purposefully — helping children fulfill the promise of their lives.”




Happy Retirement!

June 26, 2013


Best Wishes to the following for a wonderful – happy and healthy retirement. Combined they have contributed over 350 years of teaching visual or performing arts to students across the state of Maine. Their expertise and commitment to education is appreciated and I am certain their students will miss them! Never to be taken away from them, or the districts they have served, is the impact they have made on students education in the arts. THANK YOU all! I hope you will continue to be involved in arts education in Maine by providing me ( with an email address to continue to be on the Maine arts education list-serv. May your days be filled with sunshine wherever your journey takes you!

  • Pat Reed – East End Community School, Portland, Visual Art, 27 years
  • Penny Appleby – Leavitt Area High School, Performing Arts, 40 years
  • Dianne Anderson – Traip Academy, Kittery, Visual Art, 20 years
  • Jonathan Smith – Oxford Hills Elementary School, Music, 28 years
  • Nancy Capone – Lake Region School District, Music, 25 years
  • Marta Robbins – James F. Doughty School, Bangor, Visual Art, 28 years
  • Charlene Farnham – Searsport District Middle & High School, Music, 40 years
  • Jack Clifford – RSU 19, Music,
  • Mark Schumpert – RSU 19, Music,
  • David Kent – Windham, Music,
  • Kath Hartley – Bangor High School, Visual Art, 25 years
  • Deborah Jellison – Mary Snow School, Bangor, Visual Art, 27 years
  • Helena Bosse – Dr Lewis Libby School, Milford, Visual Art, 20 years
  • Sybil Wentworth – MSAD 40, Elementary Music, 39 years
  • Marianne Tibbetts – Augusta, Elementary Music, 35 years
  • Ann Stepp – Portland, Music
  • Robert Helstrom – Fort Fairfield, Music, 11 years
  • Sandra Irwin – Tremont School, Visual Art
  • Chris Prickitt – Dexter Schools, SAD46, Music
  • Nancy Curran – South Portland, Music

Please note that some of these teachers started their careers in other schools/districts but the one listed is where they are retiring from this year.


International Visual Literacy Association Conference

August 29, 2012

44th Annual Conference at USM, October 13th

October 10 to 13 in Portland, USM, Mapping the Visual Beyond the Visible, annual conference of the International Visual Literacy Association,

Established in 1969, IVLA members represent a wide range of disciplines and includes researchers, educators, designers, media specialists and artists. Through its meetings, publications, and website, IVLA provides a forum for issues dealing with education, instruction, and training in modes of communication and their application. Paper proposals for conference:

The 2012 confereence is hosted by The Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education at the University of Southern Maine in Portland.


Wednesday, October 10, 6:30 PM

Keynote address by Ken Jennings, author of Maphead, a personal account of his lifelong fascination with maps and geography. Best known for his 2004 record-breaking appearance on Jeopardy, the TV quiz show, Ken Jennings has since published two bestsellers, Brainiac and Maphead.

Note: The lecture on the USM Portland campus in Hannaford Hall is also free and open to the public.
Due to limited seating, please RSVP by Friday, October 5 to (207) 780-4850 or

Thursday, October 11
Conference sessions at the Clarion Hotel followed by an evening reception at the Maine College of Art in Portland.

Friday, October 12

All daytime sessions held at the Glickman Family Library on the USM Portland campus. Midday tour of the Osher Map Library and its exhibition, Iconic America: The US Map Outline as National Symbol, accompanied by presentation by John Fondersmith, guest curator whose collection is on display.

Evening: Gala event with dinner and musical entertainment at Clarion Hotel.

Saturday, October 13

Keynote presentation by David Sobel, author of Mapmaking with children: sense of place education for the elementary years. Sessions at Clarion Hotel will focus on K-12 education. Day registration for area educators is encouraged.

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