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MAAI Winter Retreat

March 23, 2015

What a way to spend the last day in February!

Winter retreat Feb14On February 27 and 28 several of Maine Arts Assessment Initiative’s (MAAI) 61 Teacher Leaders came together in Rockland to learn and provide their feedback on phase 4 and, all things MAAI. It is always fun to see everyone and catch up on what is happening (in person) in their classrooms across the state.


Pam Kinsey, Theresa Cerceo, Judy Fricke

Friday evening was spent with Sarah Swain, Art Director, Westbrook Schools who provided a workshop on making videos that answered these two questions:

  • How can video be used as an effective communication tool?
  • How can I create videos with visual interest that engage and inform the viewer?

Participants gave high marks to the opportunity to learn! Thank you Sarah!


Jeff Beaudry, Jen Nash

On Saturday we met at the Gamble Center at the Farnsworth Art Museum to review Phase 4 of the MAAI and imagine what Phase 5 could look like. The ideas and innovative thinking were plentiful. Below are some of the topics that generated long lists of ideas.

  • Teacher Leaders
  • Proficiency-based education
  • Bridging the regional gaps with opportunities
  • Arts integration – professional learning communities
  • Teacher Effectiveness
  • Teaching Artists
  • Arts ambassadors
  • Advocacy

Stay tuned for more information in the future. MAAI continues to respond to the needs of visual and performing arts educators. We are committed to the work that PK-12 arts educators are doing and during Phase 4 we brought Teaching Artists into the opportunities as well. In the very near future we will announce a call for Phase 5 Teacher Leaders. If you are considering participating as a Teacher Leader please update your resume which is part of the application. Watch for the announcement coming out soon. If you have questions please contact me at


AP Studio Art Network

January 30, 2013

Gamble Center, Rockland, ME

Susan Johnson, Oceanside High School, Ann Roy, Waterville, and Carolyn Brown, Camden Hills

Susan Johnson, Oceanside High School, Ann Roy, Waterville, and Carolyn Brown, Camden Hills

Twelve art teachers met on Saturday, January 26 to share stories of working with AP Art students and to share information and ideas………. and everyone found inspiration to continue the great work they are doing.

Everyone reported in, sharing information about current program issues and frustrations; course loads, time issues, impact on students, choice, continuity, curriculum, process, budgets, class sizes, student issues, pre-AP, scheduling issues……..  As usual, everyone had interesting bits to share. We felt a bit like AA for AP Art teachers – the telling is always somewhat cathartic. The on-going challenges continue to exist, and we continue to work through them. It helps to compare program structure and curriculum, giving the group new ways to approach current problems.

Some shared some lesson ideas. One teacher shared a folded book project and gave everyone instructions. The group looked at student work, giving feedback and asking questions

After lunch Kal introduced some brainstorming activities – 6 word biographies, mind maps, cut paper squares, and an appropriation activity. Using photocopies of famous art work, photocopies of patterns, and assorted art supplies, participants created their own appropriation. The group thought about different approaches and different ways the project could be adapted to student use.

Plans for next meeting – Someone suggested meeting in August, before school starts, with a focus on some printmaking strategies. Coincidentally, there is a printing press right in the Gamble Center classroom. This was a great opportunity for building community with teachers across Maine.

Thank you to Kal Elmore for contributing the content of this blog and to Suzanne Goulet for contributing the photograph!

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