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Data Visualization

November 28, 2016

And visual communication

Two woman, Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec, met each other and within a short time decided to start a collaborative project. Georgia is from New York and Stefanie from London. They were struck by how many similarities they shared, both personal and work. They challenged themselves to get to know each other better and they did this using data. Each week they sent each other a postcard filled with information. They told stories and in doing so learned about each other. They call their project Dear Data and after a year they became very good friends.


image from the website

In their own words: “This was a project where we put all of ourselves as human beings and designers into this radical experimentation: approaching the data we collected from as snapshots of our days and lives, and sketching our personalities for the other person to discover with the most contemporary material, data.

They put the 104 post cards into a book and they’ve received awards and recognition beyond their wildest dreams. And, in early November Dear Data has been acquired by the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) for their permanent collection.

Read more about this fantastic idea by CLICKING HERE.

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