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June 22, 2020

Maine connecting  with India

Sweet Tree Arts is thrilled to announce their Fellowship Program in partnership with SLAM Out Loud. Sweet Tree Arts and the Sweetland School are located in Hope, Maine. SLAM Out Loud is an organization in India. The Fellowship is open to artists and educators and begins in August 2020. The Fellowship offers experiences in arts based, learner centered approaches with trailblazing educators and learners in Maine and India. Learn the details by clicking on the flyer (below) to make it larger. The application available at THIS LINK.


Sustainability Festival

May 11, 2019

Sweet Tree Arts


Art and Yoga

June 24, 2018

Sweet Tree Arts – Hope

Interested in art and yoga? If so, Sweet Tree Arts Center in Hope is offering a class Art and Yoga Summer Adventure with Nina Devenney for children ages 6-12, July and August. For more info or to register CLICK HERE.


Creating the Future

December 19, 2017

End of year reflection – creating communities of hope

With another calendar year coming to a close, I’m taking a few minutes on this blog to reflect about the work (and play) that you do across the state and country – making the world a better place!

You engage in art, music, dance, theater, writing, AND you make environments where others can create in the arts. But, what you do is so much more than creating. You make positive spaces where individuals are comfortable and find a home. Where young people and adults can come together and learn from each other, where they can stretch themselves and in many cases, learn to believe in themselves. These spaces that you provide for all ages leads to creating the future – full of wide eyes and HOPE!

During the December holidays we recognize and celebrate and they are full of hope. The arts help bridge this hope to carry forward throughout the year – in our hearts and in our communities. Through teaching and learning your work inspires learners and equips them to find their own purpose and voice. Each person can take that forward and contribute hope to their communities.

THANK YOU for the time you spend, sometimes awake at night, wondering how to reach every learner. How you will face the challenges. How to guide them in finding their voice and empowering them to be life-long creative learners. Teaching is a super power and your leadership in the classroom, school, and community is appreciated. The courage that it takes to go into your classroom, stand before a school board, attend town meetings, testify before the legislature, write a letter to an influential person at the national level and all of the things you do, does not go unnoticed.

You each have a story to tell and in 2018 I encourage you to tell that story through a contribution to the Maine Arts Education blog. Perhaps it is an idea that you use that works with individuals or large groups of learners. Or maybe its a mountain that you’ve climbed through your own art making process. Or an encounter that you’ve had many years after having taught a student. Perhaps it is a change in your community that is happening because of the work your students are doing. Whatever your story, please have the courage in 2018 to share it with others. Not to boast, but so we can learn from your experiences. Many of you’ve heard me say “none of us is as smart as all of us”. I invite you to share your knowledge so we can all learn. My friend Carol Trimble says “we’re a genius”. I love that!

My wish for you during the break is to celebrate what you give each and every day! As the sun sets on another year, THANK YOU for your passion and the commitment you make to provide and support an excellent arts education for every learner!

Photos provided by Equinox Guiding Service


Arts Integration Program

February 17, 2016

Lesley University

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.23.40 PM


Integrated Teaching

January 24, 2015

Sweetland Center, Hope, MaineScreen Shot 2015-01-23 at 11.47.26 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 11.47.17 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 11.47.37 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 11.43.37 AM


Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 11.44.09 AM




Integrating Teaching Through the Arts

August 10, 2014

Lesley University2d3d1be6-2b92-48d7-827f-1d7fefa351c7Lindsay Pinchbeck is teaching this course at her center in Hope, Sweet Tree Arts. Lindsay collaborated with Barb Vinal at the Summit on Arts Education, July 29-August 1, to present a session on integration. You can read about it by clicking here.


Story Slam

March 22, 2014

March 28, Sweet Tree Arts, Hope



Sweet Tree Arts

February 20, 2014

Arts Connect meeting

On a chilly night not to long ago the conversation was lively in Hope at Sweet Tree Arts when 18 people came together for the purpose of sharing their work and ideas, and to learn from others about their work and ideas. The meeting was called Arts Connect because at the heart of the sharing was the arts.

The participants represented the surrounding schools and community arts ed opportunities ranging in age from PreK through adult – so all learners! Arts educator and Sweet Tree Arts founder Lindsay Pinchbeck and I decided to hold the gathering for one main reason. We are both aware of how many wonderful learning opportunities are provided for students in the arts yet often those offering them are not aware of others. And, we also know how important it is to provide opportunities for people to connect and discuss their ideas. We often walk away with new seeds of ideas and excited about new possibilities.

After a brief introduction where participants introduced themselves Lindsey shared an audio clip of a student from a recent visiting artist experience. It was an eye opener for the participants.

brainsParticipants worked in three groups to identify and share ideas and resources – with the goal of identifying available resources and possible collaborations or big ideas. The list was quite long. The groups moved onto suggesting goals with shared ideas and possible projects/ideas and discussed how to implement them.

The evening ended with each group sharing with the larger group. The visuals created exemplified many quality opportunities. Lindsay documented the final thoughts:

Final thoughts included ideas of empowering students to be advocates for their own learning through the arts. It was discussed that families and parents also play an important role and that it should not be left just to the schools and community organizations – we need to empower the students to show their families the importance of the arts in their every day learning. It was also suggested we gather again to share ideas and schedules to maximize our effectiveness and to make sure we are not offering similar opportunities for students. Through planning and communication it was suggested we could be more productive and provide our community with richer programming and opportunities.

The participants agreed that they’d like to meet again to have further conversation. It was clear to me that similar meetings could happen all over Maine to make richer arts education opportunities for all learners.

Speaking of Lindsay she recently presented at the Midcoast Pecha Kucha and she is in this vimeo (about 48 minutes in)


Sweet Tree Arts

December 18, 2013

What is Sweet Tree Arts?

The following post was contributed by Lindsay Pinchbeck who I met about a year ago. I had the privilege of visiting with her at Sweet Tree Arts. It is a warm and welcoming space and Lindsay is a DELIGHT! I look forward to visiting another day when there are learners making magic as I imagine so easily taking place in the space.

Sweet Tree Arts logo:

Roots in the Community,

Branches to the Wider World.

Encouraging Creativity and Connecting Community through the Arts.

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 10.56.25 PM Sweet Tree Arts is a community arts organization in Hope, Maine. Our mission is to educate, enrich and connect communities through the arts. Although are roots are based in Hope, working with our immediate rural community our branches reach nationally and globally bringing fresh voices and views through the arts to our community.

Opened in February 2013 Sweet Tree Arts is a place that encourages creative thinking, play and experimentation. We currently provide arts programming for preschool, elementary, middle school and high school students, visiting artists inspire adults at all ability levels and adults with special needs visit weekly. We offer drawing, printmaking, painting, drama, music, marital arts, storytelling, film, photography, quilting and sewing and expressive arts therapy. We also offer a low residency Masters in Education Integrating the arts across the curriculum through Lesley University.

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 11.14.34 PMWhen I envisioned an arts center in Hope I saw a place that welcomed all out of the love of creating and creative living, a place where professional artists and amateurs could learn and work together. Hope is a unique hamlet with a small general store, a black smith, cobbler, bagpipe maker, and two retired circus elephants, so an art center fits in nicely in this eccentric village. Sweet Tree Arts work hard to respond to the needs and concerns of children, families, teachers, and members of our community. This is less about art making initially and more about responding creatively to community needs and suggesting creative solutions.

After almost a year working here I have thought again and again about the power of this SPACE in which we – my husband Chris Pinchbeck and I have created. How different ages move through the space or respond to different materials and personalities.

The movement through the space comes with emotion and power: For example a 3rd grader arrives off the bus after school hanging her head, tears held back, she takes a breath grabs a snack and dives into her mural project with fresh and welcoming faces. A middle school boy says each day he wakes up and hopes it’s a Sweet Tree day, because he can be himself in this space. A mother with 3 kids , has a cup of tea in the kitchen and finds a moment to sneak in a bit of creativity in her own day. An adult with special needs is wheeled over the threshold by his caregiver and handed a camera to show us the way he sees his world. I have learned over this past year, providing the space to take risks and try new things is at the heart of original thinking and creative possibilities. My role is less about offering art skills and materials although these are tools we foster and more about being ready for each person walking through the door. My goal is to provide the opportunity for individuals to grow through the creative process. We all have stories, we all have challenges and in our search for connection we can use the arts to respond, reflect and grow.

As the founder of the program I continue to consider how the act of creating a space for people to gather and connect is of great importance in a rural community. How the arts acts as a vehicle for us to connect and share ideas and I continue to marvel at the need to share story which is a part of us all.

The video located at was created by a high school film maker Alex Forcillo. I was fortunate to meet Alex when he was six years old and pass him his first single lens reflex camera. Now a high school sophomore I am thrilled to reconnect and be a part of his creative process.

I believe the arts provides opportunities to connect and reconnect, experiment and play. I think it is of great importance we provide a safe place where children and adults can be free to try new things, try on new roles, speak their minds and grow and learn with their, hearts, minds and bodies. As Sir Ken Robinson and Einstein so beautifully said: “if you aren’t wiling to make a mistake you will never create anything new.”

You can follow what’s happening at Sweet Tree Arts by going to their blog at

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