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May 18, 2012

Bowen statement of passage of ed bills

Education Commissioner Stephen Bowen issued the following statement Thursday following legislative approval on Wednesday of several key education bills, including: LD 1422, which requires that the state’s public schools transition to a proficiency-based diploma; LD 1779, which moves Maine career and technical education programs toward the full adoption of national industry standards; and LD 1865, which makes it easier for students to access career and technical education courses.

“Our vision for education in Maine is a system in which everything is built around the student. How do we engage students and make school relevant and challenging? How can we give students and families choices in finding the right learning environment and developing an education plan that works for them?

“With the passage of these bills, the Legislature has given students more options and access to career and technical education courses, and have endorsed the concept that students should graduate when they’ve mastered the skills they need to be successful after high school. We have more work to do, especially in the area of giving students and families more options, but this is a great start.”

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