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Let’s Move

March 3, 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 1.18.30 PMI am not sure if you caught the news recently week of Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the Let’s Move initiative that is about encouraging students to move.

This is a great initiative for those of you who incorporate movement into your music, visual arts, or theatre classes. Certainly dance fits well into the Let’s Move philosophy. You can watch the First Lady and Jimmy Fallon dancing on his show at this link. My favorite is the “Happy Snapper”. All the footage is worth seeing, especially if you need a laugh.

Seriously since the program started more families now have access to information that will help them make healthier choices, according to the Let’s Move! blog, and provide young people with more opportunities to engage in physical activity. You can learn more at

You can see Michelle Obama doing the “Interlude” with a group of students at this site. This would be a great dance all your students and have a gathering where teachers and students come together to dance. It would create the opportunity to dance, be a community, and get some exercise.

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