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Visionary Box

February 8, 2017

Sculpturing at LRHS

clay-2Students of Lake Region High School recently partnered with the sculpture department of USM in a collaboration of critiquing student sculptures. LRHS students of Clay I class taught by Ms. Carmel Collins, were assigned to design and construct a ‘Visionary Box.’ The ‘Visionary Box’ was to be a vessel that contained 3 objects which the students felt best represented the values, traditions and beliefs of society at the present time. The outside of the box was to be designed and sculptured in ways that communicated the meaning of the objects held within the box.

Once the boxes were complete they were delivered to Professor Michael Shaughnessy head of the sculpture department USM. Students under the tutorage of Mr. Shaughnessy critiqued and evaluated the student’s work paying particular attention to the craftsmanship, creativity and communicativeness of the overall box.

At a later date Professor Shaughnessy and one of his students Riley Schwartz visited the students of LRHS and shared their critiques. Each student received rich detailed feedback of their work whilst highlighting clay-1their creative journey to the finished product. It was a wonderful opportunity for students of LRHS to step out of the classroom with their art work to reach an authentic audience and engage in a rewarding arts dialogue. We are thankful to Professor Shaughnessy and his students for giving their time freely and willingly in developing what we hope to be a continued arts partnership with the USM.

Professor Shaughnessy in response to the collaboration commented, “USM students very much enjoyed discussing the work of the Intro to Clay Students. It was a rich experience both ways and we look forward to further projects with the students of Lakes Region High School.”


Lake Region Celebrates Dance and Music

September 20, 2012

Yesterday at the Blaine House

LRHS students perform a jazz number

The Celebration of Arts Education was held yesterday at the Blaine House and Department of Education recognizing the outstanding arts education programs at Lake Region School District. The art exhibit presently at the Maine Department of Education is a photography show. The photographs depict the dance program at Lake Region High School (LRHS), many of the photographs are taken by LRHS students.

At Blaine House yesterday we were honored to have two student musical groups and one dance performance. The students engagement was obvious throughout the ceremony. One of the songs was written by a 6th grader on the topic of about bullying. The student now in 7th grade was performed by three students.

Dance educator Carmel Collins introduces the dancers and dance number

Mr. James Banks, former chair of the Maine State Board helped to present the students with certificates and art buttons. Afterwards students and their families enjoyed cookies and punch in the dining room of the Blaine House. Afterwards students and their families walked across the street to view the photographs on the 5th floor of the Department. It was a great afternoon of celebration.

You can view all of the photographs which will remain until September 30th and can be viewed during regular business hours.  All of the photographs are online on the meartsed blog. The link is located on the front page under “Info” along with the other past student exhibits from the Department of Education.

Family and friends of Hayley Allen gather by her photograph for a picture

Thank you to Janet Gallagher for taking photographs at the Blaine House.

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