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A Bit of a Glitch!

June 11, 2014

A snag in the system

If you are part of the list-serv that I established about 5 years ago you know that every Tuesday morning I send an email that provides the highlights of arts education in Maine. The email has important tid-bits and the titles of the weeks blog posts from meartsed blog.

Recently I switched from the DOE-arts ed list-serv to MAC-arts ed list-serv. An unexplainable problem has occurred and I am at the moment unable to communicate with the members of the list-serv without a causing havoc with some members emails. Therefore, in order to prevent any more problems the list-serv has been temporarily halted. This action caused many list-serv members to received odd emails and to be deleted from the system.

At this moment work is underway to determine what the problem is and with any luck and a lot of creative problem-solving the glitch will be solved and the MAC-arts ed list-serv will be up and running smoothly! Please be patient and keep your fingers crossed that the experts in the tech world can figure this out quickly. Until then, the blog will continue as usual with daily posts. Feel free to email me at if you have questions. Please accept my apology for any inconvenience that the list-serv may have caused you.

And, the good news…

If the email had gone out this morning I would have mentioned the robins eggs and nest that I discovered when I was raking near the back of the garage. I came around the corner and noticed that the ladder had twigs and grasses in 4 sections. One of them was filled out and a beautiful nest created. It was as if the mother robin tried and tried and tried again until she found the right spot and combination of twigs and grasses to make a home where she has laid 4 perfect blue eggs. I’ll keep you posted on their progress.




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