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Happening Today

August 23, 2016


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WERU – Arts Alive

September 7, 2015

Listen to the archive


Susan Potters, Jen Nash, Michael Donahue

I mentioned last week that the WERU Arts Alive program invited a group to discuss arts education and advocacy week, September 14-18. The program has been archived so you can access it and listen to your colleague, music educator from Sebasticook Middle School and Maine Arts Leadership Initiative Teacher Leader Jen Nash. Also participating in the program were Susan Potters, Executive Director of the Maine Alliance for Arts Education, Jeff Poulin, Arts Education Program Director from the Americans for the Arts, and me, Argy Nestor. Michael Donahue is the host of WERU, Maine Arts Alive and did a wonderful job.

To access the program on WERU Community Radio, MaineArtsAlive, please go to the site, click on Public Affairs Archives in the lower right, scroll down to MAINEARTSALIVE and click on title; or

go directly to and click on “Program Information” and click on “recent programs” drop down.  This is the direct link:


Friends of the Arts

November 25, 2013


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WERU: Maine Arts Alive

December 28, 2012

With Michael Donahue

Julie Richard, Peter Alexander, and Michael Donahue

Julie Richard, Peter Alexander, and Michael Donahue

“Arts in Education” was the topic of the “MAINE ARTS ALIVE” radio program on WERU on November 27, 2012.  The host of the program, Michael Donahue, invited myself and Julie Richard, Director of the Maine Arts Commission and Peter Alexander, Director of the Maine Alliance for Arts Education.

I viewed this as an opportunity to discuss Maine arts education and to provide a chance for the listeners to learn more about what arts educators across the state are doing.

You can listen to the archived show by clicking here or you can get there on the WERU site by following these directions: Go to the WERU web page and look for the “Listen On Line” box on the right side of the page. Click on the “Public Affairs Audio Archives” listing. This will take you to the “categories” box where you will find Maine Arts Alive show listed alphabetically. click on that. Our show will be the first one in the list.

There were several community phone calls in the second half of the hour that added to the interesting show.

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