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A Young Animator

October 5, 2011

Fascinating work

Last weekend I attended the wedding of my nephew in Vermont. I had a wonderful time visiting family and friends but what I found most interesting was to talk with friends of the bride and groom. My nephew graduated from Bennington College in Vermont where they have a outstanding arts program. Many of these young people have gone on to jobs in the arts or jobs that are very creative. Several are in NYC following their passions. One young woman is an animator, I learned that she grew up in Bath and went to Mt. Ararat High School where she was in classes with our colleagues in the art room. Never was interested in using the computer to make art but took a course at Bennington that sparked the interest. Today Michelle Enemar is an animator and below you can see a vimeo she created called How Music Works; Book Trailer. It is wonderful to “see” how creativity is used and influences the life of young people.

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