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Introducing Phil Edelman

March 25, 2017

UMaine Assistant Professor of Music Education

I am currently an assistant professor of music education at the University of Maine School of Performing arts where I started in the fall of 2016. My teaching responsibilities include courses in music education and conducting, and he directs the UMaine Concert Band. I have earned degrees from the University of Missouri – Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance (Ph.D.), Kansas State University (MM), and the University of New Hampshire (BME). Prior to my appointment at the University of Maine, I taught courses in music education methods, field experiences, and music technology as part of my doctoral fellowship at the University of Missouri – Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance.   While in Kansas City, I served as the conductor of the Roeland Park New Horizons Band – an ensemble dedicated to collaborative music making among adults over the age of 50.

For seven years prior to my doctoral study, I was a director of instrumental music in the Goddard, Kansas school district (a suburb of Wichita), teaching in all areas of the instrumental music program (band, orchestra, jazz band, marching band, and chamber music). My research areas include lifelong music learning, undergraduate music education preparation, conductor decision-making, and the music student teaching experience. I am a tuba player, and occasionally still get to play around Bangor, although most of the time that I am making music nowadays, I am conducting or playing piano.

Why did you want to move to Maine?

I had finished my doctoral work and this job seemed perfect for me. I haven’t regretted moving to Maine for a second. My husband is a veterinarian in the greater Bangor area, and we have been made to feel very welcome here. Between the incredible students, supportive colleagues, and welcoming community, what could be better?

What did you think of our snowy Maine winter?

It was great for the first few inches. After that, it seemed like Mother Nature was just showing off.

Describe your responsibilities as Assistant Professor of Music Education at the University of Maine School of Performing Arts.

I have the best job in the world! I get to teach future teachers, and I get to direct the University of Maine Concert Band. We have about 100 students in the band this year and they are playing wonderfully!

What are your professional goals and what do you hope to achieve in your position?

I’d like to learn much more about how we as college educators can better prepare our students for the “real world.” This is one of the foci of my research. Further, I am working on a recorder program with a colleague in the clinical psychology department examining the effect of recorder group lessons on the cognitive abilities of older adults. Once we have a feasibility study completed (this summer, we hope!), we hope to expand our program beyond the Bangor area and offer recorder group programs in many senior adult living communities. Finally, I’d like to see us break down the hidden walls between public school music educators and collegiate music educators. We are all on the same team, and have much to learn from each other.

If you were given $500,000 to do whatever you please, what would it be?

I would buy the biggest snow-blower that money could buy so I could always be comfortable in Maine! AND… I would love to provide instruments to schools who are currently dealing with budget cuts due to administrative or political challenges.



Summer Youth Music Camp

January 31, 2014

UMaine program

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 9.28.58 AMOrono, Maine — Registration is underway for Maine Summer Youth Music (MSYM) Camp at the University of Maine.

Junior Camp, for students in grades 5-8, is July 13-18 and Senior Camp, for students in grades 8-12, is July 19-27. Eighth-grade students may attend either or both camps.

Campers study with UMaine faculty and public school music teachers while staying in a residence hall on the Orono campus. Vocal and instrumental opportunities include symphonic band, jazz band, string ensemble, chorus, and musical theater, along with master classes and evening concerts. Senior campers may work with Joan deAlbuquerque, guest conductor from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.

Registration may be done online with a debit card, credit card or electronic check, or through the mail. For more information about the camp, as well as the cost and scholarships, visit

About the University of Maine
The University of Maine, founded in Orono in 1865, is the state’s premier public university. It is among the most comprehensive higher education institutions in the Northeast and attracts students from across the U.S. and more than 65 countries. It currently enrolls 11,247 total undergraduate and graduate students who can directly participate in groundbreaking research working with world-class scholars. The University of Maine offers doctoral degrees in 35 fields, representing the humanities, sciences, engineering and education; master’s degrees in roughly 70 disciplines; 90 undergraduate majors and academic programs; and one of the oldest and most prestigious honors programs in the U.S. The university promotes environmental stewardship on its campus, with substantial efforts aimed at conserving energy, recycling and adhering to green building standards in new construction. For more information about UMaine, visit

For more information and application – Monique Hashey, 207.581.4721,


School of Performing Arts

January 11, 2014

UMaine Orono

Nearly 90 musicians and vocalists will take the stage Friday, Jan. 17 when the University of Maine School of Performing Arts presents the student-directed production, “An Evening of Rodgers and Hammerstein Classics.”

The 7:30 p.m. event in Hauck Auditorium, directed by UMaine music education senior Ben McNaboe of Yarmouth, will showcase a full symphony orchestra of nearly 50 musicians and 40 vocalists, all of whom are UMaine students, faculty and alumni.

“The program is made up of music from all of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s biggest shows,” says McNaboe. “I think a lot of people have this initial reaction of it being old or out-of-date music, but to me, and I think to a lot of people in the musical theater community, it’s timeless.”

The program will feature 22 selections from such award-winning American musicals as “The Sound of Music,” “The King and I,” “South Pacific,” “Oklahoma!,” “State Fair” and “Carousel.” The event will also feature vocal performances by the university’s premier a cappella ensembles — Maine Steiners and Renaissance. The groups will perform “There is Nothing Like a Dame” and “Do-Re-Mi,” respectively.

UMaine music faculty members flutist Liz Downing and pianist Laura Artesani will perform in the symphony orchestra. The experienced orchestra had its first rehearsal Dec. 8, while the vocalists began rehearsing in November.

UMaine business management junior Morgan Cates of Camden, Maine, will host the event.

Tickets are $22 and available from the Collins Center box office. Ticket information is available at 207.581.1755 or For more information about the performance or to request a disability accommodation, call 207.581.1781. The event’s snow date is Sunday, Jan. 19 at 2 p.m.

All proceeds will benefit the UMaine’s School of Performing Arts (SPA) to enhance funding for musical and theater tours, instrument repairs and equipment purchases.

“The initial idea to do the project wasn’t as much about raising money,” says McNaboe, who began planning the event a year ago. “It came from this place of identifying that we really don’t collaborate across mediums as much as we should. This is a chance to get a large number of SPA students together in a situation where all of us are working together, between the orchestra and the vocalists on stage, to make this project happen.”

To view the event on Facebook, visit

Contact: Maria NeCastro, 207.581.3743 or Monique Hashey, 207.581.4721



What a Conference!

October 28, 2013

Arts Education: Leading the Way conference

Another statewide conference is history and from all the reports it was a SUCCESS! If you were able to join us THANK YOU! A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the Leadership Team and the Teacher Leaders who worked long hours to plan and provide AMAZING workshops. If you were there and didn’t provide feedback at the end of each session and again at the end of the day please be sure and do so! It is not too late! We really appreciate you to taking the time to provide the feedback to help us build on the needs of arts education. Below you can see photos from the conference, thanks to Heidi O’Donnell for taking and sharing pictures!


Justin Zang sang the National Anthem


Greetings from the University from Jeff Hecker, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost


Opening Session included a presentation on the draft of the National Core Arts Standards


Lynn Tuttle, from Arizona, presents the information on the draft of the National Core Arts Standards


Students at the center!


Janie Snider, art teacher leader, from RSU24 presenting her workshop called Empowering Students Through Assessment Techniques and Strategies.


Bronwyn Sale accepting the Carol Trimble award for her commitment, collaborative spirit, and contributions to the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative.


Collaborative artwork contributed to by the conference participants. Thanks to Charlie Johnson, Lisa Marin, and Leah Olson for helping!


Closing session – the University Singers under the Direction of Dennis Cox with Laura Artesani on the piano


Getting Ready-Leading the Way

October 22, 2013

Just around the corner!


Visual Arts Director Julie Horn and Chris Higgins Administrative Assistant work on preparing name tags

Preparing for a conference is time consuming and takes several months but the last week before the event is pretty intense! This week is no exception. Yesterday was spent on many details including copying, creating nametags, individual schedules, checking numbers, names, stuffing folders, etc. The more I rush to complete the tasks the ‘to do’ list seems to grow longer.

I think back to the first statewide arts education conference that I helped plan in 2007 and I realize how much I’ve learned over the years. Carol Trimble who was the Executive Director of Maine Alliance for Arts Education and I periodically chat about that conference which was held at The Samoset in Rockport with almost 300 attendees. We turned away several teachers since there wasn’t enough space. Scott Shuler gave the keynote, Karen Montanaro and Camden Hills singers performed at the Farnsworth reception and we had over 25 workshops. The next one was held in 2009 at Point Lookout with the 2007 National Teacher of the Year, music teacher Andrea Peterson provided the keynote and First Lady Karen Baldacci danced with us at the opening evening reception. In 2011 the biennial conference was held at USM and was focused on the first teacher leader group of the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative. It was a fabulous success – teachers teaching teachers created a huge learning environment for all attendees. Each conference was unique and provided fabulous learning opportunities.

I am really looking forward to the conference this Thursday, October 24, Arts Education: Leading the Way. You can still register, there is still space in some workshops. Lynn Tuttle will provide an update on the National Core Arts Standards during the opening session. I am guessing it won’t just be educational but also fun! The door prizes will be given during the closing (I need to remember a hat and funny glasses) along with a performance by the University Singers. We are thrilled to be having music students from UMaine attending and providing assistance! Thank you to Laura Artesani for her help with the details and arrangements!

Work details are also happening for the Maine International Conference on the Arts being held in the same location on Friday and Saturday. If you are interested in attending either conference please go to for information and for a link to registration.

I need to get back to the details…. I know I will see at least 185 (last count from registration) of you on Thursday – YAHOOOOOOOO!


Statewide Arts Ed Conference

October 14, 2013

Still time to register

There is still time to register for the biennial statewide arts education conference Arts Education: Leading the Way being held at UMaine, Orono, October 24, 2013. This is a great opportunity for you to learn what your colleagues from throughout Maine are doing in their standards-based arts classrooms.

Happening on Friday, October 25 and Saturday, October 26 is the Maine International Conference (MICA) on the Arts at the same location. Information for the MICA conference is located at

The entire 3-day event is going to be chock full of great sessions, showcasing artists, and information! If you have questions please contact me at Any questions specific to the MICA conference please contact Kerstin Gilg at

Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 9.39.38 PM


You Can Fly!

October 8, 2013

My first trip in a float plane

DSCN4521On Sunday I did something that has been on my personal “to do” list for quite some time. To go for a ride in a float (or sea) plane. Not only was it VERY amazing but the weather was perfect! I was up at Libby Camps in the North Maine woods. I’ve written about Libby’s before, my trip to cut ice in the winter of January 2011 was a weekend that I remember fondly. When Matt Libby Sr. said he was going up with one of the Guides to photo the towers on top of some of the mountains close by and invited me to go along, I was very excited! We left at about 7:30 with the early light for best picture-taking conditions.

DSCN4522We no sooner left Madawaska Lake where the Libby camps are located and I asked what kind of a day it was for flying. Matt’s reply was immediate: “They don’t get any better than this”. All I could think of was how fortunate I was to have this special opportunity. Matt has flown thousands of times but he still marvels at the beauty and the land that seems to go on forever. His comments included “this would be a pretty shot with the clouds in the background” “look how neat this tower is” “this camp sits on the prettiest pond”.

Matt pointed out and named the mountains, including Katahdin, the ponds, the Allagash River Waterway, and several of the out camps that Matt and Ellen own on leased property. Matt Jr. and his wife Jessica own and manage the base camp. I love going to Libby Camps for several reasons. One of them is the “culture” that the Libby family is continuously working to build and maintain. In many ways it takes as much time as the maintenance on the buildings, trails, planes, wood piles, ice and so many other continuous tasks that need attention. Many of them before the snow flies.

DSCN4504This is not unlike an arts classroom. The relationships that each of you have with your students is essential and it is based on what to teach, what should be taught in 2013, how it is taught, and understanding what students are learning. There are so many basic components to  teaching; materials, classroom equipment, arrangement of the furniture, storage, lighting, and on and on. And then we have standards, curriculum, assessment, etc. But is anything more important than the culture of the classroom? When everything is lined up and in place it is like a perfect morning flying in the north country. You know that you are “flying”! It doesn’t get any better! Not only are you flying as a teacher but kids are flying as well! Their learning is evident through the works of art they produce and how they articulate their learning through words, questions, and desire to learn more.

DSCN4549How do we put this all together when often arts teachers are islands in their schools? Where do you turn for assistance. Some of you teach in K-12 systems and you are the only art and/or music teacher. Fortunately, the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative has now 52 teacher leaders. And, on October 24th 35 of them will be offering workshops and sharing their knowledge and best practices. I hope you will plan on joining us at UMaine, Orono, Collins Center that day for opportunities to learn. Along with the 35 workshops, Lynn Tuttle from the Arizona Department of Education will be sharing the latest information on the National Core Arts Standards. To register please click here

Please note: The National Core Arts Standards high school draft has been released for public review until October 21. You can access the draft at


Arts Education: Leading the Way Conference

October 1, 2013

Don’t miss this professional development opportunity!

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 9.06.31 PMScreen shot 2013-09-30 at 9.07.11 PM

Tomorrow’s blog post will provide more information on the conference!


State Arts Education Conference

April 22, 2013


State Arts Education Conference


Thursday, October 24, 2013

UMaine, Orono

Collins Center for the Arts

This is the biannual statewide arts education conference and will cost $75.00 which includes lunch and great workshops! The one-day conference will precede the two-day Maine Arts Commission conference on October 25 and 26:

The Maine International Conference on Arts and Culture:

Strengthen the Core, 2013

More details to follow however, you can purchase your ticket at the Collins Box office or online at


Statewide conference, Samoset, 2007


The Arts Connect Conference, Point Lookout, 2009


ARTS teachers lead the Way….Arts Assessment for Learning Conference, USM, 2011

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