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Teapot Show

May 23, 2018

Portland Pottery

Judge’s Choice, High School Favorite

The annual teapot show is sponsored by Portland Pottery and is open to all ages. Artists are invited to create  tea pots by hand or on the potter’s wheel. This year 18 from Camden Hills High School students and 13 Falmouth High School students submitted teapots. There were a total of 80 teapots in the show which opening on Friday, May 4 and was viewed throughout the weekend. There were several categories including Most Creative, Most Functional, and Favorite teapot. The work in this blog post was created by students from one of the two high schools who participated. For more information on participating in the future please contact Karen Dyer at Portland Pottery at Portland Pottery has been around for many years. The store and café are located at 118 Washington Ave., Portland. If you’re interested in participating next year with your students please community with Karen Dyer (address above) for more information.

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