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Maine Art Education Association Awards

May 5, 2021


The Maine Art Education Association Member Recognitions program recognized excellence in Maine art education on Saturday, May 1, 2021, with a virtual celebration. Across the State, the recipients celebrated at this event have been an inspiration to numerous students and adults. Their voices have been eloquently presented at a variety of events this spring; and, have been heard by K-12 students, their families, artists, other educators and school administrators, as well as our private and public museum patrons. A warm congratulations to all of the recipients!

2022 MAEA Supervision Art Educator of the Year Award
Serena Sanborn, Waterville Creates!

2022 MAEA Outstanding Service to the Profession Award
Susan Bryand, Bangor High School
2022 MAEA Secondary Art Educator of the Year
Lori Spruce, Brewer High School

    2022 MAEA Middle Level Art Educator of the Year
Hope Lord, 
Maranacook Community Middle School

2022 MAEA Art Educator of the Year
Raegan Russell, Berwick Academy


Winter Break

March 7, 2014

Bangor High School art teacher, Susan Bryand’s trip to MFA

While not sandy or tropical, I took a fun day trip with my Mom to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The MFA is one of my favorite places in the world ( I will confess that I am not terribly worldly, but it’s a favorite none the less).  My first visit was as a young girl (along with the Ice Capades)  and I credit this visit with igniting my love of art.

My mom and I took the Downeaster from Portland and took advantage of a relaxing ride to look over the map and plan our attack. My secret to enjoying a museum day trip is to enter with no intention of seeing everything.  We stuck mostly to the Art of the Americas wing.  We both really enjoy the decorative arts and I like to check in on the paintings that lit a fire in me when I was little.

We had a bit of a laugh in the contemporary art section when my mother was admiring a metal screen.  When I took a second look and declared that it was a giant cheese grater, we had to check the gallery tag to be sure.  After reading a bit about the artist’s intent, we agreed that Mom “got it”, as she appreciated it as a beautiful object because of the change in scale.  (Although, we didn’t find it “sinister” as the museum suggested we might.)

We spent some time ( and money) in the bookstore before grabbing a taxi back to the station.  I found a few postcards (and temporary tattoos!) featuring work from the collection that was created by some of the artists my students just researched.  I also posed for a few photos, standing next to masterpieces to give my students a sense of scale (and maybe a laugh, too).

When we slumped back into our seats on the train, my mother and I were exhausted, but cheerful.  It’s nice to take a day sharing one of my favorite places with one of my favorite people.

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