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Unconventional Tap Dancing

June 10, 2017


Nick Young has just created the @Rythmatic Dance Company in LA, inspired by his mother who is a Tap dancer, he started dancing when he was 5 years old. 20 years later, as Tap dancer and choreographer, Nick is fully dedicate to his passion. We are happy to share their upcoming featuring on JLo’s new show “World Of Dance”on NBC!


Dancing and Learning

April 18, 2016

Its never too old to learn something new

Let this be a good lesson for all of us. An 85 year old retired US Navy vet decides to take tap dancing lessons. His wife Carol said that he had tap dancing on his bucket list. The video below tells the powerful story about how dance is impacting not only Arne Mayala, but others in his community. He is an inspiration to dancers and non- dancers, of all ages.

The Maine Arts Commission has a Creative Aging program that is grounded in the belief that the arts play a powerful role in enhancing the quality of life of older adults. The program is designed to generate opportunities for lifelong learning, social engagement and mastery of skills, the program provides new creative possibilities for adults over 55.

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