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Janie’s School on Dot Day

October 8, 2018

What did you do?

Janie Snider is an elementary visual art educator at Hancock Grammar School where she teaches students in grades 6-8.

I’m guessing that some or many of you and your students celebrated Dot Day in some way. Janie celebrated in a big way that impacted the entire school community. Student learning connected to analogous colors and also to kindness and being positive. Every student and staff member painted a dot, about 270 of them. Afterwards they were displayed in the school’s lobby for all to see and appreciate.

Janie is a Maine Arts Leadership Initiative Teacher Leader and this is her 25th year teaching. Janie has one of nine videos on standards-based education. This school-wide project is a great example of how Janie leads in her school. She said: “The Dot is such a great book and the dot is such a building block to so many great art works!” Peter H. Reynolds is an actor and illustrator and has done a great job connecting his book to a variety of curriculum and resources. Check them out at The Dot site.

If you did something at your school for “Dot Day” please send me an email so your idea can be shared with others on this blog. Thanks!


International Dot Day

September 17, 2018

Creativity, Courage, Collaboration

International Dot Day is all about celebrating Creativity, Courage & Collaboration! Peter H. Reynolds author of the Dot and other wonderful (pretty much children) books is the brains beyond the day. He makes it clear that it is not just one day! Last year over 10 million in 170 countries celebrated. You and your students can join the fun – check out their site for ideas that can last the whole school year. Let’s face it, who does creativity, courage and collaboration better than teachers?!! At the INTERNATIONAL DOT DAY SITE you can find details on how to get started, inspired and plan a celebration for your classroom, students and perhaps your entire school.

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