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Transmission Times Project

April 28, 2020

Record your stories

It’s a crazy time we’re living in with COVID-19 changing all our lives. Not only is it emotionally challenging, but it’s history in the making.

So let’s capture this moment by recording it!

You’re invited by creator Katie Semro (bio below) to participate in an audio diaries project called Transmission Times. Let your voice and your story become part of history. The process is simple, record audio diaries, send them in, and your voice becomes part of the Transmission Times Archive. It also may become part of The Transmission Times podcast.


I’ve started an archive of audio dairies from people all over the world during this pandemic so that we can document this time for future generations. I’m also using some of the entires to make a weekly podcast so we can connect with each other over our shared, though separate, experiences.

“I’m collecting audio diaries from people around the world during the pandemic so that we can document this time for future generations. My hope is that we can not only create an archive to record this moment for future generations, but also that by taking time to reflect on our experiences we can help ourselves get through this time.”
The details including a sign up can be found on the TRANSMISSION TIMES WEBSITE. Consider occasionally recording your thoughts on your smartphone or another way and submit your audio files.
The recordings will all go into an ARCHIVE, and some of the entries will go into a weekly PODCAST so we can connect with each other over our shared, though separate, experiences.
      “My hope is that by taking this time to reflect, we each can better handle the impact of      this time. And I also hope that by sharing our stories we can encourage and inspire each other, as well as leave a record of this moment — that is more than just the news reports.”
Please share and invite friends, family, etc, whether in Maine or elsewhere—the project is international.
Katie’s bio
I’m Katie Semro, independent audio producer and health coach, living in Southern Maine with my husband and 2 kids. I was trying to figure out what would help me get through this time and I thought that maybe recording an audio diary would help. And then I though that it would be really amazing to do it on a bigger scale, a kind of collective audio diary. So the idea for an archive was born. (By the way Katie is the wife of writer, poet, and Maine Arts Leadership Initiative Teaching Artist Leader Brian Evans Jones).
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