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Visual Notetaking

November 26, 2017

Brodie and other students

Not sure if you’ve tuned into the work of “visual notetakers”. Visual learners, thinkers, and others are taking visual note or sketchnoting to a different level. Taking notes using visual ideas is something that many artists have been aware of for years. How many times have you sat in teachers meetings and found yourself documenting what the presenter is saying in images?

Recently, the use of visual notes is taking off not just for presenters, or documenting notes from in a business meeting, but in education as a teaching tool. This article from Education Week called How Visual Notes Helped a Student With a Learning Disability Thrive.

The article provides information on how learning to sketch note or visual notetaker can help support the learning of students with learning disability. It can provide an avenue and open doors for learning in a way that students can take off with the idea.

There is a book available called The Sketchnote Handbook written by Mike Rohde that teaches “regular people how to create their own sketch notes.” Yup, says that right on the website.

READ the entire article and learn more!


Drawing in Class

December 22, 2016

Rachel Smith – TEDxUFM

Visual Notetaking opens the door to make more playful connections. It creates a personal visual memory maker. Rachel Smith pays close attention and she listens very carefully. Drawing and focus! Graphic recording using words and images. Rachel makes the groups work visible. Hooking new information to old information that you have internally. At the Maine Arts Leadership Initiative Mega-Regional conference at Hebron Station School (Oxford Hills School District) Ann Marie Quirion Hutton will be presenting a session on Visual Notetaking so you can learn more about it. Mega information at

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