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Visit to Wiscasset Schools

April 19, 2012

Elementary, Middle, and High School work shines

Recently on a damp, cool, dreary day I had the opportunity to visit the Wiscasset arts classrooms. It may have been damp and dreary outside but inside the arts educators were positive and sunny. Everywhere I traveled students were engaged in their learning and teachers alive with presentations and interactions with students.

It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Wiscassets’ programs through watching, listening and asking questions. Two high school students met with me to share the importance of their arts experiences. I was so impressed with their focus and how easily they communicated about their present work and what led up to it.

I met after school with the teaching staff to provide them with an update of the statewide work specifically in arts education and also education in general. I was grateful for the opportunity! Thank you to Molly Carlson, middle school art teacher, for inviting me to visit. And thank you to all the Wiscasset Visual and Performing Arts teachers: Molly Winchenbach, Music; Jean Phillips, Theatre; Shalimar Poulin, Visual Art; Donna Barnes, Visual Art; Carole Drury, Music; Roger Whitney, Music; Thomas Steele-Maley, Technology Integration, Chip Schwehm and Rob Cronk, Technology Education.

Robert, Shalimar, Carole, Rob, Molly, Chip


Wiscasset Schools MDOE Art Exhibit

May 3, 2011

Department exhibit from students in K-12, Wiscasset Schools, remains until the end of June

Jasmine Bailey, Grade 3, Art teacher Donna Barnes

Another outstanding art exhibit created by students at the elementary, middle, and high school level. A great big THANK YOU to Wiscasset High School Sarah Sutter for communicating and gathering the art work from elementary art teacher, Donna Barnes, middle school art Molly Carlson, and high school art teacher Tom Block. Great exhibit teachers!

The entire exhibit can be viewed on the blog by clicking here which is a link to the gallery found on the front page of the blog under “Info” . You can also visit the exhibit in Augusta at the Maine Department of Education during office hours located in the Cross building, 5th floor, next to the State Capitol.

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