Americans Who Tell the Truth

April 18, 2023

Resources, resources, resources

In the fall of 2022 over 100 Maine educators attended the conference Teaching Truth, Hope, and Creativity: How the Arts Can Deepen Any Curriculum, held at Thomas College. Americans Who Tell the Truth (AWTT) took the lead with many organizations and individuals supporting the conference. It was one of those days that was ‘over the top’ filled with learning, collaboration, and inspiration.

The conference day was very meaningful and continues to plant ideas. As a follow up the AWTT Education Director Connie Carter along with artist Rob Shetterly have gathered resources for the conference participants and the entire education community. I invite you to check out the resources below for use this spring in your classrooms/schools or perhaps in the future. The AWTT website is amazing and if nothing else, I do hope that you’ll visit the website. I am certain you will be inspired!!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email Connie Carter at connie@americanswhotellthetruth.org.

Americans Who Tell the Truth Lessons

  • What are the characteristics of a Truth Teller?

Americans Who Tell The Truth Truth Teller Lesson Plan

  • What is a Turning Point?

What is a turning point? – Americans Who Tell The Truth

Latest Speaking Truth To Youth Video

Most recent AWTT Portraits and their Biographies

Celebrate National Poetry Month

Celebrate Earth Day

Readings for Thought

  • Blog from Artist and AWTT Founder Robert Shetterly

To Stand Up a Stone

  • Blog from AWTT Education Director Connie Carter

Thoughts After the Symphony

Music to Inspire You and Your Students

  • From Truth Teller Reggie Harris

It’s Who We Are v1 5 

  • New AWTT portrait subject John Alston conducts his Chester Children’s Chorus

The Chester Children’s Chorus-I Still Can’t Breathe 2016  

Checkout this newsletter from a new organization Starts With US (Starts With Us)

Start With US Newsletter Link

Coming in Fall 2023

An AWTT professional development event sponsored by UMaine’s College of Education and Human Development

Robert Shetterly

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