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April 3, 2020

Live in Schools

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For over a decade, the Met Opera’s landmark HD Live in Schools initiative has brought live opera broadcasts to students across the United States. To supplement these broadcasts, the Met crafts a series of educational materials that encourage and empower students, teachers, and community members to engage with and enjoy this art form. All of these materials are available online, free of charge. Taken individually or together, they offer an excellent supplement to online teaching and arts curricula, as well as an entertaining way to learn more about both specific operas and opera in general. Please feel free to share them with your community and colleagues, as well as with any other arts or education administrators who may be interested in these resources.

  • HD Live in Schools Educator Guides: Our flagship product. Find in-depth guides to more than 50 operas by clicking here. This “archive” has all the guides we’ve produced since 2008, including the six guides for the 2019-20 season. Guides offer an interdisciplinary introduction to opera, with historical background on the opera and its source, a timeline of the composer’s life, synopses for young readers, fun facts, and four classroom-ready student activities.
  • Educator Guides en Español: 26 educator guides in Spanish translation. These translations include all sections that may be distributed as student handouts, including synopses, timelines, “who’s who” charts, sidebar articles, essential musical terms, and reproducibles.
  • Illustrated Synopses: An HD Live in Schools favorite. These original illustrations tell the stories of 14 different operas in the style of a graphic novel, making them a fun and accessible introduction to the art form.
  • Opera Arrangements: Opera’s greatest hits, arranged for middle-school and high-school band and orchestra
  • Educational Videos: Short videos that take you backstage at the Met, introduce you to Met singers and designers, and offer insights into some of the inspiring ways our HD Live in Schools partners are bringing opera into the classroom
  • PBS LearningMedia resources: Met Education has partnered with PBS to curate two educational opera collections. The first collection focuses on operatic adaptations of Shakespeare and includes Verdi’s Macbeth, Verdi’s Otello, and Gounod’s Roméo et Juliette. The second collection considers how opera composers have interpreted real-life historical events and features John Adams’s Doctor Atomic, Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, and Puccini’s La Fanciulla del West. Each of these six operas can be streamed in its entirety from the PBS website and comes equipped with a ready-to-use educational activity.
We also recommend you tune into the Nightly Met Opera Streams, available each evening from 7:30 PM ET at https://www.metopera.org/user-information/nightly-met-opera-streams/.
For more information, please contact the Met’s education manager Dan Marshall (dmarshall@metopera.org), or educational content manager Kamala Schelling (kschelling@metopera.org).

The Sound of Music

April 2, 2020



Author and Artist Tomie dePaola Dies

April 1, 2020


In the darkness there is light this morning. I found “The Art Lesson” on the shelf and I wake to beautiful snow.
I have fond memories of reading the Strega Nona books by Tomie dePaola to my sons when they were young but my favorite book of his was “The Art Lesson”. It’s about about reaching a compromise with his teacher on drawing in class.
The book opens with Tommy knowing he wants to be an artist when he grows up and draws pictures everywhere he goes. From age 4 he knew he was going to be an artist and author.
I hope all the little artists in the world are drawing every day all day.
When Tomie was in grade 2, after drawing on his math work, he told his teacher he wasn’t going to be an “arithmetic-er”.
Tomie’s stories are timeless and I’m sure will live in the hearts of people who have grown up with them.

Many of you might know author and artist Patricia P. She was a good friend of Tomie’s and wrote this beautiful letter honoring him.

My Dears,

If you haven’t already heard I am the bearer of very sad news. I just lost a friend of 37 years, author, illustrator, story teller, artist, Tomie dePaola. Tomie passed from this life at 2:30 pm Eastern Standard Time yesterday from complications resulting from a very bad fall from the week before. Tomie was 10 years older than myself, 85. He was probably one of the most lauded and well-known children’s authors not only in our country but the whole world for that matter.

Perhaps his best-known stories were the Strega Nona series. Most children in our country were raised on, and certainly possessed several of Tomie’s books. I know my children heard and loved his stories most of their young lives. 

I remember I was thrilled some 37 years ago to not only meet him, because I had just become a published author myself, but I was fulfilling a dream to be near a person that I had admired for so many years.

I always used to say to Tomie, “you remind me so much of my father.” Although Tomie embraced his Italian lineage he was also half Irish and physically looked identical to my own Irish father.
I guess what I loved the most about him was his delicious sense of humor and the mischievous sparkle in his eyes and his Puckish grin when he was telling a particularly tasty story.
In the old days, when all of is authors travelled a lot between school visits, and most especially conventions of librarians and teachers…it was common for all of us authors at the end of the day to congregate in the hotel lounge, sip lovely wine and regale each other with tales of our experiences while out on the road. Tomie’s stories were always a little off color, irreverent, and so hilariously funny we would all fall on the floor laughing. Then Tomie would ease back in his chair and beam as he watched us struggle to breathe between guffaws.
Certainly, all of us illustrators were uncommonly influenced by his genius, his use of color and delightful composition. Each piece he did for any given book was flawless and brimmed with mirth and magic that went straight to anyone’s heart that viewed it.
I shall miss this amazing soul…truly the world is diminished that he has left us. But the glory is that his legacy shall live on as long as his wonderful work remains in print, in film in portraits and galleries.
I feel deeply honored that I knew him and called him friend.

God speed Tomie, until we meet again,
Love love love Trisha

READ ABOUT Tomie DePaola in the US News


Lockdown Les Miserables

April 1, 2020

A family in the UK – dealing with the crisis

I hope you find this is a good way to start off April! It says sooooo very much!


Pause in Your Day

March 31, 2020

Right Here in Maine

March 30, 2020

Maine’s digital galleries

The Tides Institute & Museum of Art

How wonderful is this – to know that Maine’s own arts institutions provide online resources featuring Maine artists and others from the past and present shows. The Center for Maine Contemporary Art (CMCA) even has a three-dimensional tour of all of its exhibits including it’s present show that was only up for two days before CMCA closed due to the virus. And, the Farnsworth has a 3-D tour of the Olson House. The institutions and links to them are listed below. Please note: this alphabetical list does not include all the institutions in Maine.


Tuneful Talk Tuesdays

March 29, 2020

Opportunity for PK-6 elementary music teachers

Maine Arts Leadership Initiative Teacher Leaders Danielle Collins, Catherine Newell, Cynthia Keating, Will Stecher, Dorie Trip, and Kaitlin Young are collaborating to offer a round table for PK-6 elementary classroom music educators. These 6 elementary music educators are aware that teachers are in different places in this transition due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus. They are hopeful that by combining their powers that they can work to problem solve some of the challenges everyone is facing and celebrate the successes that are happening each day!
You’re invited to join them for Tuneful Talk Tuesday’s at Two! March 31, 2:00, Zoom – CLICK THIS LINK. If you have questions please contact Kaitlin Young at kyoung@sedomocha.org.
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