The Impact of Music on Verbal Intelligence

November 20, 2011

Reseach on the impact on young children

A recent study showed the growth of preschool children using interactive computerized training programs. Verbal intelligence was measured and 90% of the students showed improvement. The researchers findings included “that these improvements in verbal intelligence were positively correlated with changes in functional brain plasticity during an executive-function task.” Their findings demonstrate that “transfer of a high-level cognitive skill is possible in early childhood.”

The co-author of the report, York University psychologist Ellen Blaystok said: “These results are dramatic not only because they clearly connect cognitive improvement to musical training, but also because the improvements in language and attention are found in completely different domains than the one used for training”.

You can learn more by clicking here.

One comment

  1. An interesting article, but I don’t find the results surprising. Music for children generally seems to be verbal communication (the lyrics) following a mathematical construct (the beat). In turn, it is fun. In essence, it’s a way for children to learn language and math skills without knowing it…by enjoying themselves.

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