Central Maine Arts Educators Invited

June 5, 2014

Introductory opportunity

You are invited to join the Inaugural Common Street Arts Educators Initiative meeting, 4:00pm on June 10th at the Common Street Arts Gallery in Waterville (on Common Street, across from the Opera House).

Highlights for the meeting include:

* THEME – Building Bridges: Our regional arts histories and futures
* Introductions/reacquainted
* Common Street Arts (AEI) educator/student opportunities (Lisa Wheeler)
* Bridge building/maintenance:
Regional Art Shows / Youth Art Month /
Return of Scholastic
Colby Connections/Field Trips (Lisa Digraph)
* State of the Arts check in – State associations, Maine Arts Assessment
Initiative (Suzanne Goulet)
* THEME – Building Bridges: Our regional arts histories and futures.
A great opportunity to share and glean from each other
Please consider sharing an activity/lesson/reflection tool that
you use
– Volunteer at your own comfort (copies to share?)
* Summer Gathering?
* Future Gatherings?

Please contact Lisa Wheeler, Education Director – Common Street Art at lisa@commonstreetarts.com if you have any questions.

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