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Teacher’s Adventures in Wonderland

August 29, 2018

Work of Art

I suggest that you start the year by viewing this video and sharing it with your colleagues and the staff at your school! It will help educators, policy makers, and those in decision making positions to pause and it is a good place to start a conversation.

This film was created by Kathryn Berger who attended the National Gallery of Art 2018 Teacher Institute. Kate became a teacher because she loves books. She defines “books” as literature and defines literature as written works of art. “Writing that is a work of art.” And, she asks “what is art and why does it matter?” She asks many other good questions as part of the video and says that the testing environment is not helping students prepare for the future but that art and books will teach them to be problem solvers and independent thinkers.

At the very least, PLEASE Please take 4 minutes and 38 seconds to view this VIDEO

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