maine.The Magazine

September 6, 2019

Joao Victor

maine.The Magazine writer Emma Simard wrote a piece on Joao Victor, the 2019 Maine Poetry Out Loud champion. It’s a short and informative read. Maine continues to be proud of the commitment Victor (he commonly uses his last name), made to the Poetry Out Loud program during his senior year at Lewiston High School. He practiced everyday for months; even walking home by the light of the moon from his job at the local grocery store. Joao’s teacher, Jim Siragusa, has been coaching students since the program started 14 years ago. Joao moved along in the process to be named one of the nine best in the country.

Read the entire article at THIS LINK.

The start of a new school year and the 2019-20120 Poetry Out Loud program is being launched by the Maine Arts Commission. For information about Poetry Out Loud, please contact Brita Wanger-Morier, Performing Arts & Media Director at the Maine Arts Commission, at 207/287-2750 or by email at Brita.Wanger-vog.eniam@reiroM.



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