Music for All

December 15, 2020

Steve Muise

Many of you know Steve Muise, music teacher at Mt. Blue High School in Farmington and the leader of the Franklin County Fiddlers, now it its 22nd year.

Steve made this video to share with his own community and beyond. His own thoughts went to the many people in residential care homes who are unable to have musical programs from outside the facility as often happens during the holiday season. Not to mention how many students are missing the opportunity to offer their love of music to the residents. I’m thinking of all of you music teachers who include this tradition in your December.

This is quite the medley of songs and Steve makes it clear that he does not have the rights to any of the songs and that he is not selling anything. Steve has included traditional holiday tunes; Christmas music, secular winter tunes, a Hanukkah medley, and a medley of tunes from Provence, France. It’s all about sharing – a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Steve!

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