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June 30, 2017

Botanical Gardens connection

Every so often I am fortunate to learn about programs and educators that seem to be a well kept secret. This week I met Chip Schwehm while attending the Thomas College Center for Innovation in Education. I was glad to reach out to him after learning that he works at Boothbay Region High School with a colleague of mine, Barb Greenstone. I attended a session he was facilitating called STEAM Power – Why it works, How it looks and it was fabulous. We made instruments using bottles and water and iPads and learned about the fabulous courses he has created over the years. He is never bored nor, most importantly, are his students. They are engaged in authentic learning and many times it is connected with the community. In today’s Boothbay Register the article found at THIS LINK provides details about the work that students completed for the Botanical Gardens in Boothbay.


  1. Argy, I’m glad you made a connection with Chip at the STEAM Conference. He’s an outstanding educator from whom I learned so much. He truly understands how to integrate the arts with STEM.

  2. What a gem! I wish I had met him while you were still teaching – would have made a great blog post on collaborating colleagues! He spoke highly of you as well Barb. Congratulations on your retire and Paul as well. I am sure you two have plans and won’t be sitting by idly. Thanks for your many years of commitment to education! ~Argy

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