Washington County Assessment Workshop

October 16, 2011

Harvest of Ideas

Lisa presenting

There are 23 workshops scheduled throughout the state during this school year on arts assessment. The sessions will be facilitated by Maine’s arts assessment teacher leaders. Last week, Lisa Marin, Art teacher from Jonesport-Beals HS & Jonesport Elementary provided a regional workshop for Washington county teachers. Eight Visual Art teachers and one PE teacher! met on Tuesday, October 11 in Machias for Washington County’s annual Harvest of Ideas teachers’ conference held at the University of Maine. The day long workshop about creating authentic and meaningful assessments provided a great day of sharing and discussion.

Comments from teachers:
“A very fun and fruitful day, you gave me some good ideas that I can implement immediately.”
“I think we all need a broader vocabulary for rubrics and a lot more discussion.”
“kudos to everyone who has been working so diligently on the assessment piece.”

workshop participants

“The most important thing I learned in this session is…”
That I am a bit frustrated with the standards-based rubrics and need to rework my idea of a rubric.

Crucial question that still needs to be answered:
Why use a standards-based rubric if we are still resorting to number grades on report cards?

Lisa:                                                                                                                                                                 “There is still work to be done. The teachers agreed to meet again in December to continue the conversation, work on next steps, and to share their best assessments that really work for us!”

Lisa set up a wiki for the assessment work that has many resources. The address is:
http://newartassessmentswiki.pbworks.com If you’d like to view Lisa’s wiki you will need to go to the address and request permission to join.

One comment

  1. Super job, Lisa! I’m so glad to hear about what you did in Washington, and I know you will be such an asset there for the arts. Way to go!

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