Art Exhibit-Bangor Mall

March 27, 2013

Doing it right!

Thank you to Kal Elmore for providing this great blog post describing the opportunity for students, teachers, and the public!

IMG_2943It was March 17 and it was cold outside. At 9:00 AM, all was quiet in the area in front of Macy’s in the Bangor Mall. By 10:00 the 28 wooden panels were on site. Then the magic really started! Art teachers started showing up and suddenly the area was alive with art work, staplers, and happy chatter, ooh’s, and ahhh’s. By noon, 56 art teachers had hung the work of over 500 students!!!!! The art is more fabulous than ever! All viewers are amazed by the colors, textures, and shapes on view. Drawings, paintings, photographs and collages from students pre-K to grade 12 delight the eyes!

But this is more than an exhibit. It is an event! Art teachers connect with each other about students, art, process, and product. Ideas are shared. Work is complimented. News is shared. There is news of programs cut and budgets cut.  This is more than an exhibit. This display is how we advocate for our students and the opportunities they may have. All art teachers must join the battle for recognition. What we do IS important. WE know it, but we have to share that information with others.

DO come by to see the exhibit! While there, DO take note of families of students who are proud to have their work on display. DO take note of random passers-by who are curious about how works were created. DO engage viewers in conversations about the work and the learning demonstrated. Do spread the word. The exhibit will be up until Friday night, March 29. The magic does not end there, but the exhibit does, as 56 art teachers will show up on Saturday morning to take the work down……. to remove the 28 wooden panels……. to take the panels back to the barn where they are stored…….. to take the work back to the schools where the work will be returned to students who are lucky to have such fabulous art teachers who take the time to promote their work.

It will not be quiet in front of Macy’s at the mall but whatever is there will not be as colorful, interesting, or meaningful as what was there for 2 weeks in March – in honor of Youth Art Month. A BIG thank you to all art teachers who helped to organize this exhibit – and all who took the time to help promote arts in education this month and always.

On my way south from Aroostook county last Friday night I stopped to see the art exhibit at the mall and it is FANTASTIC! I was able to listen to the conversations including the ooh’s and ahhh’s, speak to young artists and their proud families, and smile while considering the impact that art makes in our world. Please send me information about your exhibits and performances so they can be shared in the meartsed blog! Of course, I took photos while there that I have included above.


Dominique Comeau – grade 12, Bangor High School


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