Summer Arts Institute: Day 2

August 4, 2011

The Beginning – Essential Questions

Music teacher Rob Westerberg and Dance teacher MaryEllen Schaper

Jeff Beaudry, professor from USM, and a member of the assessment institute planning team presented the three essential questions that are overarching our insitute.

As teachers and leaders in classroom assessment we need to pay close attention to two essential ideas identified by Stiggins in Classroom Assessment for Student Learning.  First, teachers must be masters of the five standards of assessment quality in order to communicate accurate, dependable assessment information to any audience or assessment user. The second is that students are the key users of assessment information and one of the best practices for teachers to improve student use of assessment information is to involve them directly in classroom assessment in appropriate ways as much as possible.  As we integrate teaching, learning, and assessment, we check and critique our strategies with a set of essential questions.

  1. What is good teaching?
  2. What is good learning?
  3. What is high quality classroom assessment?
  4. How does high quality classroom assessment connect with teaching and learning?

Today the Maine teacher leaders discussed some of the pre-reading which included the following: Self Assessment by Heidi Andrade, The View by Maja Wilson, Guidelines for Arts Assessment from CCSSO and SCASS, Envisioning Arts Assessment from CCSSO. Participants shared their observations in a jigsaw format.

Music teacher Jen Nash and Theater teacher Rebecca Wright

The teacher leaders are involved in professional development for four days this week at MECA. They will be be creating workshops for the statewide visual and performing arts conference on October 7th and in regions across the state. The teacher leaders are:

  • Jeffrey Orth – Richmond Middle/High School
  • Charlie Johnson – MDI High School
  • Shannon Campbell – K-12 Vinalhaven
  • Jennie Driscoll – Brunswick High School
  • Lisa Marin – K-12 Jonesport Beals High School
  • Laura Devin – K-8 Woolwich Central School
  • Audrey Grumbling – Arundel/ RSU 21
  • Leah Olson – Hampden Academy
  • Deb Large – Hall-Dale High School
  • Shari Tarleton – Brunswick Junior High
  • Allysa Anderson – 5-8 Camden-Rockport Middle School
  • Alice Sullivan – 4-12 Woodland Princeton
  • Matthew Doiron – Sandford High School
  • Bill Buzza – Leavitt Area High School
  •  Jake Sturtevant – Bonny Eagle High School
  • MaryEllen Schaper – Bonny Eagle Middle School
  • Rebecca Wright – Ellsworth High School
  • Jen Nash – Etna-Dixmont School

The day was filled with opportunities for deep conversation and learning.


  1. Ahh! Where’s Jen Nash on the Teacher Leader list? Did I miss anyone else? What a week! It was one of the most intensive and fulfilling professional development conferences I’ve ever attended! Kudos to Argy, Rob and Catherine for all their hard work!

  2. I am not sure how that happened but I have taken care of the omission. Thanks Charlie!

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